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There is a temporary truce in the Gaza Strip, but calls for a solution to the conflict are becoming louder

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As of Monday, Hamas had released a total of 69 hostages and Israel had freed 150 Palestinians from prison. The ongoing truce in the fighting is the first diplomatic breakthrough in the conflict, which has also brought temporary respite for the people of besieged Gaza. However, calls to focus on a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are becoming louder.

Monday was supposed to be the last day when Israeli hostages freed from the hands of Hamas fell into the arms of their loved ones, but there will be more such scenes. “We welcome Qatar’s announcement that the humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip will be extended for another two days,” said John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council. This means that more civilians abducted by Hamas will return to their homes.

On Monday, the terrorists released 11 people from captivity after 52 days, including 3-year-old Israeli twins – Emma and Yuli, as well as teenage siblings – Sahar and Erez.

– Our sweet 16-year-old Sahar and our wonderful 12-year-old Erez are coming back to us. This is an exciting moment, but it is also the beginning of a difficult process for these two, who have had terrible experiences behind them, said Ido Dan, a relative of the released hostages.

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The families of the freed Israelis told about what their loved ones had to experience. – If they wanted to go to the toilet, they had to knock on the door and sometimes they were only allowed out after two hours. They were not beaten or tortured. They were locked in a room, said Merav Raviv, a relative of one of the hostages. – The light was on for two hours a day. They were fed only rice and canned beans. They didn’t take a shower for seven weeks, says Eyal Nouri, a relative of the released hostage

By Monday, Hamas had released a total of 69 hostages, mostly women and children. Most of them are in good condition, and some have already left Israeli hospitals. The 84-year-old woman released from captivity on the third day of the truce was – according to her family – in a critical condition. – Nobody cared about her health when she was in captivity. She was not receiving life-saving medications. When she came back to us, her pulse was 40 beats per minute and her body temperature was 28 degrees. She was on the verge of losing consciousness, said Tali Amano, the daughter of the freed hostage.

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The agreement between Israel and Hamas, extended for another 48 hours, also assumes the release of three Palestinian prisoners for every Israeli released by Hamas. In this way, 150 Palestinians have already returned home – mainly teenagers and women. Among them was a 24-year-old woman who spent 8 years behind bars.

Of the Palestinian prisoners released by Monday, nearly a hundred were detained without charge. – The price for our freedom is apparently high. We hoped that they would release us, but they did it just when our people in Gaza are in a sea of ​​blood, says Eitaf Jaradat, who was released from an Israeli prison.

Dafna, 15, and Ella Elkayam, eight, were released by Hamas Reuters

“It’s a glimmer of hope”

The ongoing truce in the fight between Israel and Hamas is the first diplomatic breakthrough in the conflict, which – in addition to the release of prisoners and hostages – also brought temporary respite for the inhabitants of besieged Gaza. – It’s a glimmer of hope and humanity amid the darkness of war. I sincerely hope that a longer truce will allow us to further increase humanitarian aid to the people in the Gaza Strip, says Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

For several days now, trucks with necessary supplies have been entering the enclave again, but this is still not enough to meet the needs of the enclave’s inhabitants. According to the United Nations, approximately 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza have been forcibly displaced.

– Regardless of whether there is a truce or not, we still do not have electricity, water, and we do not have any basic living needs. Sometimes we wait in line for water until late at night, reports Muath Hamdan, a displaced resident of Gaza.

Hamas attack on Israel PAP/Reuters – Maciej Zieliński

Israel’s defense minister once again emphasized that after the end of the ceasefire, his country’s army would resume military operations throughout the Gaza Strip. At the same time, calls from Egypt, among others, to work to end the conflict are becoming louder.

– We believe that the time has come to implement a two-state solution, to create a Palestinian State, so that we can finally end this conflict, said Samih Shukri, Egypt’s foreign minister. Antony Blinken, who will fly to the Middle East, will discuss this issue with Israeli leaders this week.

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