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There is an agreement on the use of horses on the route to Morskie Oko. “Everyone received something”

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On May 17, there were no highlander carriages on the road to Morskie Oko, but not because there would be no more of them, but because the riders talked to the Minister of the Environment about the fate of the still overloaded horses. What is the effect? Horses will not be replaced by melexes, but it will be a little easier for them.

There were no horses on the route to Morskie Oko on Friday. Tourists were walking, carts were standing, because all the drivers were talking to the Minister of the Environment, the authorities of the Tatra National Park and organizations defending animal rights, because after another incident, when a horse died on the road from exhaustion, talks about the treatment of animals from Morskie Oko could not be avoided. .

Hundreds of horses that cannot cope with the work are sent to slaughterhouses

– 422 horses were killed in the slaughterhouse over 10 years. These horses simply couldn't handle the work. As a result of this work, they were absolutely useless anymore. Nobody wanted to buy them except the butcher – says Anna Plaszczyk from the “Viva!” Foundation.

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According to analyzes by the “Viva!” Foundation, most horses last three years. They are overloaded by a ton. – This transport should simply be abolished – comments Daria Gosek-Popiołek, MP from Lewica Razem.

– This is truly the 21st century. In a moment, man will build a base on Mars, and we are wondering whether transport should be electric vehicles or use animals – points out Katarzyna Piekarska, MP from the Civic Coalition.

Fiak drivers assure that they treat the horses well. Cab drivers do not think about replacing horses with mechanical ones. They reject the idea. – If it was about money, we would probably earn better. Firstly, tradition, secondly, we are animal lovers – says Władysław Nowobilski, president of the Association of Carriers to Morskie Oko.

Perhaps it will be easier for the horses. “I'm glad we started a dialogue”

– Most of these horses from this route go to the slaughterhouse and everyone who gets on this car has a hand in it – emphasizes Katarzyna Topczewska, representative of the “Viva!” Foundation.

– If there are no horses, what will happen? – one of the ficars asks. – There are alternatives we can test. Gentlemen, I personally wanted to fund a Meleks for you, for one zloty – replies MP from the New Left, Łukasz Litewka.

However, during the meeting with the Minister of the Environment, such options were no longer considered. If it's easier for the horses, it'll only be a little easier for now

– The most important thing is that the horses are left, it's like a success – says Nowobilski.

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The horse fell on the road to Morskie Oko5/06 | On the road to Morskie Oko in the Tatra Mountains, one of the horses pulling carts with tourists fell over. The recording published on the Internet shows that when other methods failed, the coachman hit the animal in the mouth. It worked and the horse stood up immediately. The situation was commented on, among others, by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Viva! Foundation

The horses should be happy that they got an hour's break after the course. Tatra Park offered to test a small bus on the route from June 1. The number of people in carriages will be reduced by two adults and two children. The overloads are to be recalculated.

– Everyone received something and it means that the compromise is really good, that it is balanced, that it is a step in the right direction – says Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Minister of Climate and Environment.

– I am glad that we have initiated this dialogue, and all this is not really for me, not for the state, but for the horses – comments Szymon Ziobrowski, director of the Tatra National Park.

Main photo source: “Viva!” Foundation

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