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There is an expressway in Zgierz, but there are doubts about noise protection. The shaft is too short

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In Zgierz, the S14 expressway runs right next to residential houses, but the noise protection embankment ends 300 meters before the estate. Is there anything else you can do with this kid?

There is a fragrant new, not yet opened expressway and there is an embankment protecting residents of blocks of flats and owners of allotment gardens against noise. First higher, then lower, until finally there is no embankment – although the road runs further and you can see quite a few houses from it. – From the very beginning we knew that this road would be here, as if no one thought that it would be reduced to an oasis of peace and quiet – says Iwona Łastowska, a resident of Zgierz. Residents see positives as well as negatives from the construction of the road. – I will have easier access to Warsaw, but on the other hand there is a technical problem, because I have a recording studio in this house – explains Tomasz Wróblewski, a resident of Zgierz. Tomasz is afraid that from mid-July he may hear additional sounds.

– This is an unnoticeable cost, if the embankment was simply extended by 400 meters and somehow satisfied and satisfied the fears that appeared on the part of the residents – believes Przemysław Jagielski, councilor of the Zgierz City Council from KO. Although after the opening of the 16-kilometre section of S14, which will close the so-called motorway-express ring around Łódź, the inhabitants expect that there will be a lot of traffic there, there is no chance for adding noise protection for now. – At this stage, it is not possible to introduce any decisive changes – explains Maciej Zalewski, spokesman for GDDKiA in Łódź.

No imagination?

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– When you travel around Poland, you can see that wherever there are any buildings, they put up embankments or put up such screens. Here I do not know why it turned out this way – admits Mr. Jacek Galant from Zgierz. The noise map created on the basis of the simulation did not show that protection is needed at this point. It will be possible to verify it only after a certain period of time – we hear from the investor responsible for the construction of the road.

– When the traffic on the road starts, when these cars start to drive, only then will it be possible to actually check, find out how this noise spreads there, how it affects the surroundings – says Maciej Zalewski. This analysis will take six months. It will start a year after the opening of the route. The inhabitants of Owsiana Street in Zgierz turned to the mayor of the city for help. – The urgency of activities related to securing this area: whether through natural partitions, through the embankment, or through any additional acoustic partitions (…) will probably have to be considered – admits Przemysław Staniszewski, the mayor of Zgierz.

The Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection announces the commencement of noise measurements as soon as the road is opened. – At this moment, we have asked the people intervening to make their properties available for such a measurement. We have already received several such consents – says Katarzyna Trojak-Danych, spokesperson of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Łódź.

Author:Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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