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There was a massacre on the kibbutz. “Chaos reigned. About two hundred Hamas fighters entered here.”

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Many people were killed in the Hamas attack on Kibbutz Nir Oz. There are many missing people. The terrorists took the residents completely by surprise.

The sun rose at 6:38. It was supposed to be another quiet Saturday. It was October seventh. However, a deadly threat was approaching from the Gaza Strip. When Hamas terrorists entered the kibbutz, the residents were completely surprised. Kibbutz Nir Oz practically borders the Gaza Strip. Four hundred people lived there. The only threat its inhabitants have had to face so far are rocket attacks. This time it was different. – There was chaos. About two hundred Hamas fighters entered here. People tried to escape. They hid in shelters in their homes, says Szachar Butler, a resident of Nir Oz.

There was a massacre on the kibbutz, and it was meticulously planned. Hamas had a plan for the location of all the buildings. Hamas terrorists who entered Kibbutz Nir Oz murdered everyone they encountered on their way. Women, children, elderly people. They set fire to houses in which entire families were burned alive. There, time stopped. – Me, my people, the Israeli army, we suffered the greatest defeat. We have failed to fulfill our duty, our promise to defend the Israeli community, says Israel Caspy, an Israeli army reservist.

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Alex Dancyg, Polish citizen, abducted

It is estimated that half of the kibbutz inhabitants were either murdered or kidnapped. It is not known exactly how many kidnapped people are now in the Gaza Strip. It seems that one of them is Alex Dancyg, a historian, an employee of the Yad Vashem Institute and a person who has done a lot for Polish-Jewish relations.

Rob Bahat is Alex’s neighbor. They became friends during a joint trip to Warsaw. The last time they saw each other was before October 7th. – We don’t know where he is. He was kidnapped. Alex is missing, says Ron. Alex’s apartment was ransacked. Hamas terrorists may have been looking for valuable things there.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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