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There will be no bugle call played live in Szczecin. Through savings

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The recording from the loudspeaker will replace the live bugle call from Szczecin, which resounds at noon from the building of the City Hall at Plac Armii Krajowej. According to officials, the changes will save about PLN 25,000 a year. The city’s budget is PLN 3 billion per year.

There will no longer be a trumpeter playing the bugle call in the direction of Jasne Błonia from the City Hall in Szczecin every day. – This is a solution caused by savings, but also a chance that this bugle call will reach more listeners in better quality. Always at noon, using our modernized electroacoustic system, you will be able to hear this bugle call in the vicinity of the City Hall – reports Dariusz Sadowski, spokesman for the City Hall in Szczecin.

The office convinces

As Sadowski argues, so far the sound has spread only in one direction and was heard only in the vicinity of the Office. – Now you can hear it on both sides of the city hall and in a slightly larger area, because the electroacoustic system is a bit louder and has greater technical capabilities than a naturally resounding trumpet, especially in the midst of traffic and noise – he explains.

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The bugle call of Szczecin can be heard every day at 12 near City Hall. It was composed in 1995 by Janusz Stalmierski. – Without the bugle call played live, it is definitely possible to function, although it will certainly not be as charming as before – notes Sadowski.

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Huge savings

He also adds that it is possible that in the future the bugle call will be played again by a trumpeter. – Firstly, we hope that it will be possible to return to this tradition if this financial situation improves, and secondly, on special days such as Szczecin’s birthday or the National Independence Day, you will be able to hear the bugle call live and in a special setting, because for three trumpets,” lists Sadowski.

As he reports, giving up the bugle caller will save about PLN 25,000 per year. zloty. – If we are talking about the city’s budget, which is PLN 3 billion, it is not a staggering amount, but saving money is about looking for such individual, individual tasks that will give a larger amount in total. Hence the decision, he explains.

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