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There will be no divorce on the Left for now

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The National Council of the Razem party took place on Sunday. According to Jakub Niewiadomski, a member of the presidium of this body, no decision has been made to leave the Left club. – We are ready to cooperate even closer with the New Left to fight for the implementation of our demands – said the co-chair of Razem, deputy speaker of the Senate, Magdalena Biejat, in an interview with TVN24.

– The National Council decided that continuing to operate as before does not make much sense. We expect the National Board to start talks with the New Left authorities about whether we are able to develop a new way of functioning together. We make further activities within the club dependent on the results of these talks – said Jakub Niewiadomski, member of the presidium of the Razem National Council.

The party's statement emphasized that “the bad election results showed the deep crisis in which the Left's project finds itself today. In the opinion of the Council, the government, which was joined by part of the Left, disappointed leftist voters. The key demands with which the Left went to the elections in 2023 are not implemented. The housing crisis is getting worse, the costs of living: energy, heating, food are rising, women still do not have the right to decide about their pregnancy. The Left as a whole is losing credibility. “Therefore, the Council obliged the party chairmen to urgently meet with the New Left authorities and gave them a mandate to talk about the future of the club,” it added.

Biejat: we are ready to cooperate even closer with the New Left

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The co-chairman of Razem, deputy speaker of the Senate Magdalena Biejat, spoke more about the party's position in an interview with TVN24. – We want the Left's demands to be heard more clearly. The demand for accessible housing, civil partnerships, and better labor law – these are the demands of the entire Left. We are ready to cooperate even closer with the New Left, to tighten ties even more effectively, to show that these are not just election-time declarations, but that we are able to fight for these issues today, she emphasized.

Marcelina Zawisza, deputy head of the Left club, said on June 21 that there is an ongoing discussion on this topic in Razem. – There are voices that we should leave the club – explained a member of the Presidium of the Razem National Council. – We have the National Council on Sunday, we will discuss this topic. The most important thing for us is to ensure that this process, regardless of where it leads us, is simply democratic and that we take into account the votes of all councilors – she said then.

– Due to the fact that the government is not implementing the things it has committed to, because everyone in this coalition agreement sees a different direction and it leads to a situation in which I hear more and more often on the street that if this government continues to act like this, If he continues, Law and Justice will be back in power in three years, said the MP from the Razem party.

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