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There will be no lex Czarnek 3.0. Statement by Minister Przemysław Czarnek

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I think that neither the government nor the deputies will do anything with it anymore, said Przemysław Czarnek. The head of the Ministry of Education and Science referred in this way to the twice vetoed act on education law, known as lex Czarnek.

Head of the Ministry of National and National Education Przemyslaw Czarnek was asked on Friday about the words of the head of the Cabinet of the President, Paweł Szrot, who on TVN24 referred to the twice vetoed by Andrzej Duda The amendment to the Education Law Act: “If the minister wants to submit the same regulations for the third time, expecting different results, it is as if the scientist did the experiment again with the same data to obtain different final results.”

Rubbish about lex Czarnek 3.0: it’s as if the scientist did the experiment again with the same data to get different final results

– I really like, respect and have great sympathy for Minister Paweł Szrot, not from today, for many years. Therefore, also for this reason, I will not comment on his words at all – said Czarnek.

Przemysław Czarnek in WarsawPAP/Marcin Obara

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– As for the fate of the bill, which was vetoed twice, the second time really completely unexpectedly, I think that neither the government nor the deputies will do anything with it. If there is a will of citizens to submit a civic bill, it will be necessary to ask citizens what bill they will submit, said the minister.

He admitted that “I don’t think that the majority of MPs would come up with a parliamentary project on non-governmental organizations at school and that the government would deal with this issue before the elections.” “But I hear about a lot of grassroots movements,” he said.

He made a reservation that he had not heard of management decisions in this regard. – But in my opinion, from the side of the deputies and the government, this bill will no longer be presented in the Sejm, because these are the last months of this term – continued Czarnek.

Double veto for lex Czarnek

In December last year, President Andrzej Duda announced that he would not sign the amendment to the Education Law, known as lex Czarnek, which regulates, among other things, the rules of operation of organizations and associations in schools and kindergartens, increasing the supervision of probation officers, as well as introducing changes in home education.

– Despite the fact that work on this act was carried out for a long time, unfortunately it was not possible to achieve what I would call a social compromise – he explained. He noted that “there was no public hearing” in this case. – The project, as you can see, has not received wide social acceptance – said Duda.

President: I will not sign Lex Czarnek 2.0

President: I will not sign Lex Czarnek 2.0TVN24

The president also vetoed the proposal in March 2022. I am not saying that I had no objections to this bill. I had, but there were also a number of solutions that I supported and I believe should be introduced. But let’s leave that for later. For now, there is a veto on this bill, he said then.

President's veto for lex Czarnek (material from 02.03.2022)

President’s veto for lex Czarnek TVN24

The change in the regulations, which guaranteed the increase in the power of probation officers, has caused disputes since June 2021, when Minister Czarnek for the first time presented its principles.

Solutions that would allow the probation officer to decide what extra-curricular activities children may have (without the possibility of appealing against his decision) provoked protests from non-governmental organizations, local government corporations and Polish Teachers’ Union. Critics of the solutions pushed by Minister Czarnek pointed out that these would significantly limit the autonomy of schools.

Protest in front of the Presidential Palace against lex Czarnek 2.0 (recording from December 5, 2022)

Protest in front of the Presidential Palace against Lex Czarnek 2.0TVN24

SUMMARY OF THE YEAR IN JUSTYNA SUCHECKA’S EDUCATION: Year of the groundhog. The world can and does change, Minister Czarnek’s priorities are not necessarily so

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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