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There will be training in the protection of cultural property in Estonia. In case of war

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The Estonian Ministry of Culture has presented a plan to conduct the first training in the country’s history on the protection of cultural property during war, the BNS news agency reported. It will take place next week.

First ever Estonia training of this type will be conducted by the country’s Defense Forces next week – it will last three days, from Tuesday to Thursday. The classes conducted in Tallinn are organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the National Heritage Council and UNESCO, explained the Estonian Ministry of Defense.

The course, the aim of which is to develop knowledge about the protection of cultural heritage during war, is addressed to active and reserve military personnel, as well as to officials of the ministries of culture and defense.

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Safety issues in the foreground

Security issues have been one of the issues that have dominated Estonian public debate since the beginning of the invasion Russia to Ukraine from February 2022.

At the beginning of 2023, the Estonian authorities decided to allocate at least 3 percent of GDP annually to defense. Raising taxes in the country is also currently justified by the need to increase the state budget due to the deteriorating security situation.

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