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Thermal anomaly across Poland. February is as warm as March. Thermal early spring

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A positive temperature anomaly was recorded in the first decade of February throughout Poland. In some places, the first days of February were warmer than usual by over 6 degrees Celsius. In some parts of the country, February turned out to be exceptionally humid.

The first days of February in Poland turned out to be exceptionally mild. For several days, the maximum temperature in most of the country has remained above zero, and in some places it does not drop below zero, even at night. The high temperature caused this nature began to come to life in the middle of winter.

February is as warm as March

As reported by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management on Monday, the analysis of data from the first decade of the month indicates that February will be a warm month this year. The anomaly in the average daily air temperature until February 11 turned out to be positive throughout the country. The highest temperature was recorded in Krosno, where it was 6.8 degrees Celsius warmer than the long-term average. The lowest value was observed in Ustka – there, the last days were warmer by an average of 2.3 degrees Celsius than usual. “February is as warm as March this year,” said IMWM.

As forecasters added, we have been observing thermal early spring in the west and south of the country for several days. In Poland, this term refers to the period with an average daily temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. Depending on the region of Poland, it usually begins at the end of February, in March or in the first decade of April.

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“River retention has been filled”

High air temperature is not the only noteworthy feature of the first decade of February this year. The month also turned out to be relatively wet in most of the country. In Chojnice, rainfall exceeded 180 percent of the rainfall norm. However, it is relatively dry in Zakopane, where 63 percent of the long-term norm has fallen.

“The retention in the rivers has been filled, and there is also a significant increase in soil moisture in deeper layers. Water resources have been largely renewed this winter,” IMWM said on social media.

At Kontakt 24 we received further materials showing flowering plants. Nature has awakened from its winter sleep, among others. in Opole or Tarnów.


Will winter come back?

According to Tomasz Wasilewski’s 16-day temperature forecast, the warm weather will remain in Poland for the next few days. At the end of the second decade of February, the temperature will start to drop, but it will still not be winter. There will be a chance of light frost only at the end of the month, and not in all regions of the country.

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Main photo source: Alicja/Kontakt 24/IMGW

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