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Saturday, November 27, 2021

These Celebrity Dad Jokes Will Make You Laugh—and Cringe

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Nothing makes us both laugh and cringe harder than a good dad joke, and the ones that celebrities tell are no exception.

This weekend, we’re celebrating Father’s Day, which means today we’re indulging in plenty of perfect puns and jokes so silly, they’re brilliant.

Thanks to social media, we’ve seen plenty of stars who embrace the dad humor, so to honor the holiday we’re taking a look at some of the best (which kind of means the worst-on-purpose) dad jokes we’ve seen our favorite stars tell.

Whether it’s watching Will Smith be a cheeseball or seeing Ryan Reynolds crack a zinger on Twitter, we always feel like we’re a part of the fun with these celebs.

Even President Barack Obama enjoys some lovable, family-friendly humor that you can’t help but to simultaneously laugh and roll your eyes at.

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Check out all of our favorite jokes below.

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