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They applied for the most funds under the Reconstruction Funds. This is how Italy uses money for KPO

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When the pandemic came, they suffered especially. Now Italy is back on its feet. Thanks not only to persistence and entrepreneurship, but also to money from KPO. These resources turn into hundreds of kilometers of high-speed rail routes or ultra-modern classrooms.

Since we still have not received a single euro cent from the National Reconstruction Plan, the map of projects implemented in our country is empty on the European Commission’s map. In other EU countries, there are a lot of projects, because the use of funds is in full swing there.

One of the leaders is Italy. In 2020, as a result of the pandemic and the freeze on tourism, the economy there shrank by 8.9 percent. And it was because of these huge losses that the Italians decided to apply to Brussels for the most funds. As part of the EU Recovery Plan, they will receive over EUR 191 billion in grants and loans. This represents 10.7 tenths of a percent of their GDP. The first transfer with advance payment from Brussels to Rome arrived two years ago.

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The Italians quickly completed subsequent milestones, which allowed the release of two tranches of payments. So far, they have already received EUR 67 billion, i.e. one third of the total amount requested.

Italy is by far the largest beneficiary of the Reconstruction Fund and the leader in payments to date. After two tranches, the account in Rome already has almost EUR 70 billion. But Italians have to wait for the third installment because there are problems with counting the more than one and a half million trees that need to be planted or the more than seven thousand places in dormitories that need to be built to achieve the next milestones. Prime Minister Meloni has hidden her Eurosceptic beliefs and is doing everything to provide the Italian budget with EU funds as soon as possible.

Lodz knows how to use money for KPO. However, the resources themselves are missingMarzanna Zielińska/Fakty TVN

EU development support

Italians allocate EU funds for social and territorial cohesion, sustainable development, competitiveness, innovation and green transformation. What exactly do these terms mean? By far the most expensive project is the construction of 450 kilometers of high-speed rail routes. Because it is a huge investment and there is little time, advanced work is already underway in many places. On the section connecting Naples and Bari, the train journey will be reduced from three and a half hours to two.

The process of digitization of schools is also ongoing. New laptops and projectors will be installed in one hundred thousand classrooms. The equipment has already been delivered to a high school in Lombardy, for example.

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The implemented projects are very diverse. Some nationwide, others specific, local. The recipients may be all citizens or only some narrower social groups. Italians will allocate half a billion euros to increase the independence of people with disabilities and to adapt apartments and workplaces to their needs. 5,000 beneficiaries will benefit from these facilities. The first renovated apartments have already been made available in Rome.

There is also money for the development of entrepreneurship among women. There were so many applicants that applications were closed long before the deadline. The granted funds are currently being paid out. The European Commission assumes that if EU money is invested as planned, by 2026 Italy’s GDP should increase by one and a half to 2.5 percent. There will also be 240,000 new jobs.

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