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They are ready to sacrifice their lives for Ukraine. “I will serve my country no matter what”

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This weekend marks two years since Russia attacked Ukraine from three sides. It’s been two years of war and there are no Ukrainians whose lives have not changed. Many lost their loved ones or their homes. According to soldiers interviewed by CNN, there is little progress on the front because there is a lack of ammunition and soldiers. However, this does not change the fact that they do not intend to give up.

Snow falls on recruits of the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Army. Instructors drill future soldiers without any concessions. They must quickly train them in both field and urban combat. Every woman and man is worth their weight in gold in the fight to regain the shape of the beginning of Russian aggression.

Two weeks ago, 28-year-old Serhiy returned home from Lithuania. – I couldn’t serve in this condition. (…) I have asthma, but now we need our best people. I will serve my country no matter what, until victory, says a Ukrainian army recruit.

The brigade members argue that they train professionals, not cannon fodder, as Russia does. The brigade helped in the evacuation of forces retreating from Avdiivka, where the flag is now planted by the Russians. However, many of the wounded remained on the battlefield.

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The Ukrainian side claims that, according to the agreement, the Russians were to evacuate them and exchange them for their own prisoners. Instead, the Russians published a video of dead Ukrainian prisoners. The brigade reported that instead of releasing the captured Ukrainians, the Russians killed them.

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This is a desperate fight for Ukraine’s survival. Somehow we need to fill the gaps left by those wounded and killed in battle. At the rehabilitation center in Lviv, therapists and prosthetists work around the clock to restore limbless soldiers. Some of them may return to the front.

25-year-old Anastazja Sawka is a sniper. In November, she hit a mine on the front near Zaporozhye. As the woman says, “the soldiers fought there scattered like spring snowdrops or summer daisies.” – We couldn’t get out. We came under heavy fire. Honestly, we thought we were going to die there. They were shooting so close to us. We thought it was over, he says.

Ukraine: without Western help, there may not be a breakthrough on the eastern frontAndrzej Zaucha/Fakty TVN

There is a shortage of soldiers and ammunition

Olga Rudneva is the director of a clinic supported by Ukrainian entrepreneur and American philanthropist Howard Buffett. 80 percent of patients are military. Many of them have had multiple amputations. As Olga says, this is because they cannot get to the operating table within the so-called the golden hour, which is crucial to saving the injured limb.

– The injured are often evacuated 10 hours after being shot. This is happening because the Russians are shooting at our medics. So, once you reach the medical facility, you have to have your limbs amputated due to the long-term use of tourniquets. Hence the large number of amputations – explains Rudniewa.

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Not only do they have no men, but they also lack ammunition. The obstruction in the US Congress on the aid bill means that time is against defenders.

CNN contacted Sergeant Mykola, who is fighting on the Zaporizhia front, to ask him about the situation with ammunition and weapons. – We are suffering from a catastrophic lack of supplies, people, ammunition for guns and tanks. Besides, we also lack guns and tanks, says the soldier.

Taking advantage of the short break in fighting, the soldiers bought their own small-caliber mortar. It is supposed to be used for defense. However, they are also short of ammunition.

As Anastasia exercises, she slowly regains the strength to carry the rifle. He wants to regain fitness and return to the front. – I think that everything is possible, but whatever happens, we have to fight together, because the enemy is coming – emphasizes Anastazja.

Nobody wants their children to fight in a war. Some of the soldiers fought against the Russians a decade ago during Putin’s first invasion.

Main photo source: CNN

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