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They asked Europeans about the war in Ukraine. Extreme opinions in the latest poll

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Research conducted by European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) It was published on Wednesday – a few days before NATO Summit in Washingtonwhich will take place from 9 to 11 July. It was attended by citizens 15 countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

It shows that despite the conflict lasting two years most Ukrainians (58%) believe that their country will be able to defeat Russia on the battlefield. Only 1 percent of respondents believe that the conflict will end with a victory for Russiaand 30 percent believe that the war will end negotiated agreement.

Europeans have a different opinion, fewer and fewer believe in Ukraine's victory. Most citizens of European countries believe that the war will end with the signing of an agreement.

Among the countries European Union covered by the study only in Estonia the prevailing view is that Ukraine will win (38 percent). At the other extreme, there is Greece – 31 percent of its inhabitants believe that Russia will win the war.

War in Ukraine. Europeans do not believe in Kiev's victory

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The study also showed significant differences in the opinions of Europeans on how to support Ukraine and its accession to the EU and NATO. Most respondents do not agree that send soldiers to Ukraine as part of the NATO mission.

However, most Europeans still support involvement in the war in other ways – for example, by providing Ukraine with technical assistance and increasing the supply of weapons and ammunition. Only in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy the majority of the society – 63, 54 and 53 percent respectively – believe that increasing the supply of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine is ““bad idea.”

Europeans are also divided on the benefits of Ukraine's accession to the EU. The most favorable to Ukraine's accession are Portuguese, Estonians, Swedes, Spaniards and Poles. The Germans, Bulgarians, Czechs and French are the most skeptical about such a solution.

Among Ukrainians themselves, almost 64 percent believe that EU membership is as important for their country's future as NATO membership.

Ukraine applied for membership in the bloc in February 2022 and obtained EU candidate status in June of the same year. June 25 The EU has started formal accession talks with both Ukraine and Moldova.

War in Ukraine. Aid to Kiev from the USA

Boss Pentagon Lloyd Austin announced on Tuesday that the United States will soon provide Ukraine with a new significant arms package worth $2.3 billion.

As he said during a meeting with the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense, the US will announce the package “soon” and it will include additional missiles for Patriots and other air defense systems and other key munitions. The package will be one of the most expensive yet announced. Austin said deliveries of the equipment will be on an “accelerated schedule.”

In addition to the situation on the front and aid for Ukraine, they also discussed next week's NATO summit in Washington and “bridge” to Ukraine's membership in the AllianceAs Pentagon spokesman Gen. Pat Ryder said, the “bridge” is intended, among other things, to prepare the Ukrainian military for NATO membership through long-term increased capabilities and interoperability with allies.

Ryder also announced that This summer, Ukraine will receive its first F-16 fightersand some Ukrainian pilots have already completed the first stage of training in the USA and continue it in Europe.

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