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They brought brass knuckles as a souvenir from Turkey. They face arrest and a fine

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Two passengers on a flight from Turkey to Poznań were detained when brass knuckles were found in their luggage. They are threatened with legal consequences. In Polish law, brass knuckles are a melee weapon. It is worth checking what we can take with us and what should not be in our luggage – warn the services.

A fine or a penalty of arrest threatens passengers returning from Turkey to Poland. The customs officers found brass knuckles in their luggage at the airport in Poznań. Dangerous items were confiscated and the case was handed over to the police, informed us of the spokeswoman of the Chamber of Tax Administration in Poznań, Małgorzata Spychała-Szuszczyńska.

They felt they had nothing to report

Suspicious items were discovered in two suitcases during the X-ray of the luggage as part of the customs clearance of passengers at the Ławica airport. – The travelers crossed the customs border with the sign “nothing to be reported”, but in accordance with the provisions of the Act on weapons and ammunition, brass knuckles are white weapons. For its import from outside the European Union, a certificate of the Polish consul or a written notification of the importation of weapons is required. Failure to do so may result in a fine or imprisonment, reminded Spychała-Szuszczyńska.

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The spokesman of the Chamber emphasized that when planning your travels – especially those by air – it is worth checking what we can take with us and what should not be in our luggage.

Main photo source: IAS in Poznań

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