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They burned in the car, the prosecutor’s office considered it an accident. The X-Files on the trail of the mysterious death of a married couple

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Zdzisław and Halina Bachor were found in the middle of the forest in a burnt out car. 19 years ago, the prosecutor’s office decided that it was an accident. However, the policemen from the Poznań X-Files returned to the case, who are sure that there was a murder.

Zdzisław and Halina Bachor died 19 years ago. Their corpses were found in a completely burnt-out car in a forest in Jamnice. After the death of the couple, the prosecutor’s office conducted a quick investigation. – This proceeding was originally discontinued. No evidence of third party involvement has been established – informs Maciej Meler from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

However, the policemen from the Wielkopolska X-Files returned to the case and were speechless. They have no doubt that the marriage did not burn in the car from an accidental fire, as the prosecutor’s office assumed years ago. – It was just arson – subinsp. Iwona Liszczyńska from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań.

According to the currently assumed version, someone poured flammable liquid into the car in which the couple was. – It was a drastic, bestial murder, rarely seen in Poland – admits the police operational officer from the X-Files.

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The more so that most likely the victims of this drastic murder were still alive at the time of the arson. – What kind of man is that? A normal person would probably not do such things – says Wiesław Bachor, brother of the murdered man, adding that he would like to know who is behind the murder.

Dachshunds. The X-Files returns to the case of the deaths of Zdzisław and Halina Bachor. New expert opinions commissioned (material from 07/19/2022)19.07.TVN 24

The key motive of the crime

Nineteen years ago, potential perpetrators were not identified. Their houses were not searched, no traces of crimes were collected. – I would expect aliens earlier than detecting this – assesses one of the neighbors.

No leads, no murder weapon, no witnesses. The key to solving the mystery could be to determine the motive for the murder, but even that is not easy. The murdered man’s brother excludes robbery and informs him that he has no knowledge of anything missing from the marriage house.

But the police are not giving up. The case is difficult, but not impossible to solve. The most likely investigative hypothesis is that the killer knew his victims well. At the same time, it is the X-Files that reveals that it is getting closer to solving the case. “We’re missing one or two witnesses to close this,” says the police operations officer.

Despite the passage of years, the police hope to find witnesses. This time there will be no quick dismissal of the case.

X-Files Officer: We haven't forgotten about this case

X-Files Officer: We haven’t forgotten about this caseTVN24

Main photo source: Police

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