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They call themselves “ethical cyber warriors.” Hackers from all over the world support Ukraine for free

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Groups of hackers from various countries are attacking Russian institutions and companies involved in the war, stealing their data. This data is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, some of it worth the weight of your life. That's why they call themselves “cyber warriors” and give their loot to Ukrainians for free. A TVN24 BiS reporter reached the leader of the group and one of the most effective hackers.

A year ago, Moscow and other Russian cities panicked because hackers attacked radio stations and broadcast a message about the threat of a missile attack. Another example: the Russian city destroyer – the largest self-propelled mortar in the world – fell to the Ukrainians thanks to data provided by cyber soldiers.

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In yet another case, hackers took over the ventilation control system in the dacha of one of the oligarchs. Behind these actions were volunteers from two groups – OneFist and the International Intelligence Legion. The organizations bring together volunteers from all over the world who want to defend Ukraine on the digital battlefield. Kyiv appreciates their dedication. Recently he presented them with diplomas of thanks. This is the first such recognition for hackers who prefer to be called cyber warriors.

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– We try to be ethical cyber warriors, not hackers. We only attack Russia. We do not attack waterworks and hospitals, we avoid civilian infrastructure. We mainly attack Russian war logistics and companies that assist in the attack. We want them to be weaker at the front, explains Kristopher Kortright, leader of OneFist.

This is currently the heaviest section of the front. “Worse than Hell” Tomasz Pupiec/Fakty po Południu TVN24

“We are defending Ukraine against total annihilation”

Kristopher Kortright, also known by his nickname “Voltage”, is the founder of the group OneFist. It was established immediately after Russia's attack on Ukraine and its members include people from various countries. For Kristopher, an IT employee with 35 years of experience, fighting the Russians has become the meaning of life.

– Freedom is not given once and for all, Russia will not stop, Putin is evil incarnate and wants to rebuild the Soviet Union. Such thoughts accompanied me. I started taking action and realized that this is what God wants from me. This is my way. Until now, my life had no meaning. Therefore, when I received my diploma, I felt extremely proud. Someone finally appreciated our sacrifice. We are no longer a group of hackers or terrorists attacking Russia. We defend Ukraine against total annihilation, he adds.

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Since February 1, 2022, cybersoldiers have carried out hundreds of operations – the most famous one is led by a Pole nicknamed “Mephisto”. – Basically, we could download this data from the deepest areas, we downloaded information that was buried deepest. And among this mass we found something that is valuable – he says.

In January, a volunteer hacked into the systems of a well-known Russian weapons manufacturer and stole 100 gigabytes of data. Kiev later claimed that this information was worth one and a half billion dollars. – There were certainly plans to build various missiles, technologies, and there were a lot of repairs – says “Mefisto”.

Vladimir Putin wants to show that he is winning the war with Ukraine, but also the war of nerves with the West

Vladimir Putin wants to show that he is winning the war with Ukraine, but also the war of nerves with the WestJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

Controversy surrounding the activities of “cyber warriors”

Nobody pays them – neither the government in Kiev nor anyone from outside. They are lone wolves who spend every free moment sitting in the digital trenches. They stay up all night, spend less time with their loved ones and lose their jobs. This was the case with Kristopher, who doesn't even want to hide anymore. – The Russian government already knows who I am because another group attacked me. At this point I feel like I'm playing a match where at first I didn't want to get my outfit dirty, but then I fell into the mud and nothing matters anymore, only my team's victory. I will do everything in my power to achieve this success, he says.

– We won't get the experience we had there anywhere in the world. This is a 140-million-ton training ground – emphasizes “Mefisto”.

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However, the actions of hackers and the rewards from the Ukrainian army are controversial. The line between civilians and the military is beginning to blur. Moreover, after the war ends, no one knows how their actions will be interpreted by the governments of the countries where they live. – We don't know how this will turn out. Will it turn out that we will become heroes or civilians who created something there – explains “Mephisto”. – I am behind all the activities of this group. I'm the one giving the orders, so if I have to, I'll be responsible, but I know now that it was worth it. What we do is of great importance – emphasizes Kristopher Kortright.

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