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They called her first “policeman”, then “prosecutor”. She panicked and lost her life savings

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The woman was deceived by criminals impersonating the employees of the judiciary. They convinced her to transfer the money to an account where it would be safe. Unfortunately, a resident of Międzyrzecz County lost PLN 40,000.

As reported by junior aspirant Mateusz Maksimczyk from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Międzyrzecz, on Wednesday, August 2, a resident of the Międzyrzecz poviat received a call from a man who introduced himself as a policeman. He was allegedly investigating online fraud.

– The fraudster, using advanced manipulation and providing false information, made the woman panic and fear, suggesting that her savings are at risk and she needs help in securing her funds by transferring PLN 39,000 to the police account – the officer reports.

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Spoofing, i.e. a higher level of manipulation

After a while, the woman was also called by the “prosecutor” who was supposed to confirm the identity of the “policeman”. He convinced the woman that by transferring money, he would not only protect his savings, but also help catch the perpetrators of the crime.

“Unfortunately, the woman did what the scammers suggested. She lost her savings. Criminals were extremely cunning, because in their activities they probably used spoofing, a fraud method that involves impersonating other devices or another user, Maksimczyk said.

He recorded a conversation with a scammer, the police warn against similar callsTVN24

The principle of limited trust

As he explained, scammers change the phone number, e-mail address or IP address of the devices from which they contact their potential victim. “They can also select and change the caller’s gender, country of origin and even accent,” the police officer noted.

On the basis of this event, the officers once again appeal to always maintain the principle of limited trust in strangers who contact us in financial matters. He also adds that real policemen never demand money from anyone and do not involve outsiders in their activities.

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