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they can be unlocked very quickly

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A few years ago, the rulers talked about the unique opportunity that money from the KPO gives for the reconstruction of the Polish economy. However, EU funds have not reached us all the time.

In Gliwice, the construction of a hospital could already be underway, if there were money for KPO in Poland. In Aleksandrów Łódzki, in the very center of the city, lanterns would have been replaced with energy-saving ones a long time ago – if there was money for KPO. It’s not just these two cities. Investments in almost all Polish cities and towns are waiting for money from the National Reconstruction Plan, but there is still no money. There is less and less time to use them. There are exactly three years left to implement all investments included in the KPO. After this time, unused money will be forfeited. – It is completely incomprehensible that Poles, us, Polish citizens, should be deprived of a higher standard of living – alarms Róża Thun, MEP of Poland 2050.

After all, we are talking about a gigantic amount – the Polish KPO is over PLN 115 billion in subsidies and PLN 50 billion in loans. The money is there and waiting. It is enough for the government to follow the law. – This is not the money of the government of the United Right, this is the money of Poles, this is money that was supposed to be spent on specific investments – notes Katarzyna Kotula, an MP from the New Left. We would probably not talk about the lack of this money if the government implemented the CJEU judgments, but the government first broke the rule of law for years and did not implement the CJEU decisions. This is why the EU has made it clear: first the rule of law, then money. “They can be unlocked very quickly, you just need to complete these milestones and it’s really no effort at all,” says Róża Thun.

Funds for KPO are still blocked, but some have already reached Poland? We explain the words of Prime Minister MorawieckiMaria Bilińska/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

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Endless impasse

After long negotiations, PiS prepared a bill to guarantee the payment of funds, but this time it was opposed by Zbigniew Ziobro’s people. Ultimately, the act went to the Constitutional Tribunal, but here too there is a stalemate, because the Tribunal has not been able to gather to evaluate it for months. The president himself appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal to “settle down”, but the Tribunal of the President’s Council did not listen. The full bench on this matter has not been assembled to this day, so PiS is trying to change the size of the so-called full bench. – As long as the PiS government is in power, there will be no funds from the KPO – claims Michał Szczerba, a PO MP.

At the moment, only five countries – Poland, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden – do not have money for KPO, but Poland and Hungary are the most objectionable. In other EU countries, the money is already there, working and supplying their economies. Some countries have even received the second tranche of money. The Polish prime minister, however, prefers to swear by reality. However, most investments will not be made without EU funds. However, the Prime Minister assures that the money will reach Poland within a few months. The opposition says it has heard such assurances before. For the time being, there is neither the rule of law nor even a request to Brussels for payment, hence – there is not a single euro cent. Now the movement belongs to the Constitutional Court.

Main photo source: Michał Tracz/Fakty TVN

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