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They cut their hair to make wigs for cancer survivors. Action of the Wrocław Aero Club

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The airport of the Włocławek Aero Club turned into a hairdressing salon, and for a good cause. On its premises, one could cut hair to make wigs for people suffering from cancer. Previously, participants of the campaign could count on an extremely attractive prize – a jump from a height of 4,000 meters.

First a parachute jump, and then cutting your hair for a good cause. It was all the idea of ​​young Olaf Kaczmarek, who grew his hair for his peers who were losing it due to illness. – Help sick children and give them a wig so they can have hair – this is how the boy explains this action.

– Our goal is, above all, to show the psychological aspects of the suffering of these children and to support other people through any action – adds Tomasz Kozłowski, ski jumper and organizer of the action.

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For women and children, illness and hair loss are traumatic. – I have been taking care of my hair really intensively for half a year and I keep my fingers crossed that someone will be able to use it to make my hair a little more enjoyable – says actress Monika Mrozowska, who took part in the campaign.

The next phase of testing of a drug that may be a breakthrough in the treatment of pancreatic cancerDominika Ziółkowska/Fakty TVN

They want to feel like themselves

For the participants of the campaign, it is only a temporary change, but for people fighting the disease, it is a valuable gift. Mrs. Aleksandra Wiederek-Barańska suffered from breast cancer eight years ago, and doctors gave her a few months to live. The disease returns and she fights. Even someone's hair is like therapy. – Oncological disease is very stigmatizing. There are days when I put on a wig and then I feel just as good, but different. I can play with my image, but I don't feel those eyes on me, admits the woman.

– Ladies want to look as natural as possible in such a difficult moment, when they are undergoing chemotherapy. They also look for models that are closest to themselves, so that they can feel like themselves and not a person in a costume, says Joanna Szuper from the “Rokoko” wig salon.

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Thousands of people may need such wigs. – I hope that this will turn into something that any girl or boy who likes long hair will be happy with – says Jaśmina Nowak.

Sometimes a simple hair cut means so much. – I am very happy that I could help, maybe someone will cut their hair and give it to children in need – emphasizes Monika Rosa, an MP from the Civic Coalition, who took part in the action.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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