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They detained 38 and are looking for the remaining 170 fugitives

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At least 38 of the participants in the attempted coup against Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva were detained by Brazilian police. The Federal Police said in a statement that “these people knowingly violated the conditions of their release.” 170 fugitives are still wanted.

Brazilian police detained at least 38 participants in the coup attempt launched on January 8, 2023 against the winner elections presidential Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva – the command of the Federal Police Force announced on Thursday.

The reason for their detention was failure to meet the conditions set by the court for keeping them free until the court proceedings were completely completed.

They are being carried out, as stated in a press release from the Federal Police, against “about two hundred people who participated in the forcible takeover of the seats of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace in the capital of Brazil and were considered fugitives.”

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Brazilian policeReuters

Brazilian police: the pursuit of the others continues

The Federal Police announced in a statement that “these people knowingly violated the conditions of their release pending trial and fled to other countries to avoid punishments imposed by Brazilian courts.”

The statement also reads that “the pursuit of the remaining 170 convicted or investigated participants in the coup attempt is underway.”

This coup was intended to prevent left-wing politician Lula da Silva from taking over as president of the country after the elections, in which he won with a slight majority of votes.

Bolsonaro does not recognize the election results

Ex-president Jair Bolsonaro never recognized Lula da Silva's electoral victory, and the Brazilian one Supreme Court is conducting proceedings to determine to what extent he was the instigator of the attack by his extreme supporters on the headquarters of the highest institutions of power in the country's capital after losing the elections.

According to the findings of the Brazilian Federal Police, “draft decrees were passed through the hands of the president who was ending his term of office, which were to annul the results of the elections at the end of 2022, won by a small margin by Lula da Silva.”

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