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They hadn’t seen each other for just a few hours. A touching greeting by a chimpanzee and her baby [WIDEO]

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This is the best example of a mother’s love for her child. When Samantha the chimpanzee discovered that her foster son Gandali had been bitten by a snake, she reluctantly handed him over to keepers at Australia’s Rockhampton Zoo so they could take care of the baby. As soon as he regained his strength, the animals fell into each other’s arms. The touching moment was captured on video.

A three-year-old chimpanzee named Gandali from Australia’s Rockhampton Zoo in Rockhampton, Queensland, was bitten by a very dangerous snake on Tuesday. Pseudonaja textilis. His foster mother, Samantha the chimpanzee, quickly rushed to his aid. When her behavior alerted her guardians, she reluctantly gave Gandali back.

Zoo employees immediately handed him over to veterinarians, hoping that the animal would survive this dangerous event.

– We had no idea how much venom had entered his body, he was in great danger. At some point his blood stopped clotting and he had all the signs of a snake bite, said Rockhampton councilor Cherie Rutherford in an interview with local media.

Back to the mother. A touching recording

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Fortunately, it turned out that experts were able to help the little boy. The chimpanzee recovered quickly. Because he couldn’t wait to get back to his enclosure, zookeepers didn’t want to keep him in the hospital for too long. After spending the night there, Gandali returned to his mother on Wednesday.

Zoo employees recorded this extremely touching moment. Samantha quickly recognized her baby, reached out and hugged her tightly. The baby clung to her body and didn’t want to let go. His mother didn’t mind at all – she walked with him towards the catwalk, away from curious onlookers.

Gandali and other chimpanzees at Rockhampton Zoo are a key part of the Australian program designed to care for this vulnerable species.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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