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They haven't been here for over a hundred years. Now scientists will track them

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Swedish scientists released the first Atlantic sturgeon fry into the Goeta aelv river flowing through Gothenburg. This species became extinct in these waters over 100 years ago due to overfishing.

Extinct sturgeons have been recreated at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology in Berlin. They were transported to Sweden in April, where they acclimatized to the pool for several months.

According to scientists, it will take at least 15 years before the now 10-month-old and half-meter-long fish return to the river to spawn. – For this reason, Atlantic sturgeon will be under protection for a long time and will not be allowed to be caught – explained Dan Candelon, a biologist, who created the project.

Scientists implanted transmitters in 78 released fish to track their path on computer screens.

They only live in North America

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An adult individual lives in the Atlantic Ocean and can reach five meters in length and weigh several hundred kilograms. Sturgeon is a bottom-dwelling fish, which is where it also finds food. Its natural enemies are pike and seals. Currently, Atlantic sturgeon only live off the coast and in rivers of North America. It is commonly called the ancient dragon due to its characteristic back and ancient origins.

Illustrative photo

Atlantic sturgeonIllustrative photoShutterstock

The project is led by the University of Gothenburg, the Swedish University of Agriculture, the Natural History Museum and the Sportfiskarna Anglers' Association. In Sweden, the last reintroduced species was the beaver, it was reintroduced in 1922.

Main photo source: Shutterstock. Illustrative photo

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