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They look into the hands of the authorities and describe the problems of the residents. Local media may not survive without support

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There was a time when TVN needed support and we will always be grateful that we could count on it from viewers and other media, sometimes the large ones, sometimes the smaller ones. And it took great courage, especially on the part of the local media. Today, they are the ones who need help, although for different reasons.

They have been part of the landscape for 35 years. Some of their readers do not know life without “Tygodnik Podhalański”. – It would seem that it would be a great moment to celebrate, but it's hard – admits Jerzy Jurecki, publisher and journalist of “Tygodnik Podhalański”.

Income from online activities is not enough. When kiosks and small shops that sell paper local weekly magazines disappear, editorial offices may be closed. – There are already titles that are closing. Several have closed in recent years, says Andrzej Andrysiak, publisher of the weekly “Gazeta Radomszczańska”.

What would reality be like without local media?

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And for many people, a local newspaper, independent of the local government, is the main source of information. “Nowa Gazeta Trzebnicka” has been looking at the government since it cost three thousand zlotys. – The proverbial stone in the shoe is the local media – says Daniel Długosz, editor-in-chief of “Nowa Gazeta Trzebnicka”.

Close to people, not in anyone's pocket, but keeping an eye on everyone's hands, local journalists inform: what, who, where and when. – There is a lot written about investments and what is happening in the commune – says one of the residents of Trzebnica.

– Sometimes we are the last resort, when the reader has already rejected all the offices, then he comes to the media, asks for help and we describe these matters – says Daniel Długosz.

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Trust in local journalists is growing – according to research by the Media Forum FoundationPiotr Molecki

– Without local media? We would have new investments every now and then, more trees being cut down for new large housing estates of small houses – comments Jerzy Jurecki. “Tygodnik Podhalański” has completed 50 investigations. If necessary, the journalist will disguise himself and catch the official in corruption…

The weekly initiates campaigns such as “I don't smoke just anything.” They react to animal harm, even if the neighbor complains. They help readers, for example oscypek sellers. – We brought our winter boots, great winter shoes, from across the eastern border – Jurecki recalls. – Of course, we measured everyone's legs beforehand to make sure they were OK – he adds.

“We have no support from the authorities in Poland”

It would be good if, without entering into any arrangement, the state, regardless of who runs it, subsidized their work. Grant support programs operate in the West.

– We have no support for the press from the authorities in Poland. Poland is probably one of the very few, if not the only, countries in Europe that does not have such systems – notes the President of the Chamber of Labor Publishers, Marek Frąckowiak.

– At the level of the Sejm and the government, someone must recognize that this is an important issue for democracy – Andrysiak comments.

Before this happens, “Tygodnik Podhalański” itself is asking for support from neighbors and visitors. – Our appearance on the Patronite platform is also a bit of an appeal to think about us, because no one thinks about us – says Jurecki. And all this while they think about what's going on at the office or with the resident who doesn't have enough money to pay the bills. – These are the things we do and will do for the next hundred years – emphasizes Jurecki.

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