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They mistreated animals. “People need to see the reality of animals on farms”

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An activist of the “Open Cages” Association registered what hell can be done to animals. Words are hard to describe this hell. May it be easy to find paragraphs to judge them.

The price paid by the animals was recorded every day for three months by an activist of the “Open Cages” Association employed on a pig farm near Łódź. There were so many dead piglets that they did not fit in the container she was supposed to empty. – People need to see what the reality of animals on farms looks like – believes Weronika from the “Open Cages” Association.

It’s a pain from the first days of life. Piglets have their teeth and tails clipped without anesthesia. As if they wouldn’t get hurt. They are castrated without anesthesia. – Bare hand and don’t even give paracetamol, and all the rest of the piggies hear these screams. After the first one, they know what is waiting for them. I think it was a pain for them that goes beyond the range of reasoning of a normal person – adds Weronika.

The prosecution already knows about it. If he takes the case, he won’t help the dungeons. They suffer legally, because the law allows them to be immobilized in pens for many weeks. They can only get up. – It’s incomprehensible. It’s like we locked ourselves in a phone booth for a few weeks. Or even worse, because we could turn around there, and they can’t – believes Angelika Kimbort, legal advisor, “Open Cages” Association.

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July 28, 2021 | The owner of the kennel near Krotoszyn heard the accusation. She faces 5 years in prisonRenata Kijowska | TVN facts

Necessary changes

In the autumn, the European Commission is to present a draft of new regulations prohibiting the breeding and breeding of animals in cages. What about the Polish Ministry of Agriculture? The editors of “Fakty” TVN heard that the answer is being prepared. – Consumers also have the right to know how animals are bred in order to be able to make informed decisions later – says Bogna Wiltowska from the “Open Cages” Association.

– There are (consumers – editor’s note) willing to pay a little more for an egg from a farm that does not involve animal suffering. I think that society is becoming more and more aware, and breeders have to take this into account – alarms Angelika Kimbort.

People who abuse animals should be imprisoned. Imprisonment sentences have been handed down in recent weeks. When they become final, the owner of the fox farm in Kościan will spend half a year behind bars. The owner of a pet shop in Nowy Sącz will have to serve eight months.

– The animals were without access to water, they were bitten, they were sick. In addition, we discovered the corpses of two monkeys on the spot. This is a very important judgment. Despite the fact that it is not legally valid, the court clearly indicates here that there is no consent to the suffering of animals – explains Sylwia Śliwa from the Society for the Care of Animals in Poland, branch in Krynica-Zdrój.

Main photo source: ASSOCIATED OPEN CAGES

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