They pretend to be a government portal. “They encourage you to choose a bank”


The cybersecurity team at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (CSIRT KNF) warns against fake websites posing as government portals. It also adds that fraudsters “encourage you to choose the bank where you have an account” and try to extort login data.

“We warn against another attempted theft! Cybercriminals have prepared fake websites posing as the #GovPL portal. The fraudsters encourage you to choose the bank where you have an account, and in the next step they extort user login credentials,” wrote CSIRT KNF on social media.

Scammers impersonate a government portal

He also said that the fake domain is “”. And on this page, the scammers encourage you to choose a bank. Among the suggested ones were PKO BP, Bank Pekao, ING and Santander.

The team then showed an example of a fake website impersonating Alior Bank, where fraudsters extort user logins and passwords.

“Be careful and remember to carefully verify the address of the website you are on!” – appealed CSIRT KNF.

Fraudsters impersonate banks

Earlier, CSIRT KNF warned against fraudsters impersonating PKO BP, and about the campaign of fraudsters impersonating mBank.

At the beginning of the year, CSIRT KNF warned against fraudsters who impersonated ING Bank Śląski. Cybercriminals tried to steal electronic banking data through fake websites.

Earlier, CSIRT KNF also warned against fraudsters impersonating BNP Paribas bank. As indicated, cybercriminals sent e-mails with false information. It was about the alleged need to update data.

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