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They received a report about the demolition of a historic villa. When they arrived, she was gone

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On Saturday, Wrocław police received a report about the illegal demolition of a historic villa in Karłowice. When the patrol arrived at the site, there was almost no trace of the building. The Lower Silesian Provincial Conservator of Monuments announces that the case will be referred to the prosecutor’s office.

The police were notified on Saturday morning by a passer-by who was concerned about the work being carried out at ul. Kasprowicza 23. The facility was destroyed with an excavator.

– Of course, the police went to the scene. When they reached the indicated area, unfortunately the building had already been completely demolished. At the scene, the police found two employees of a demolition company. One is an excavator operator, the other is a man who helped him with the demolition work, said Commissioner Wojciech Jabłoński from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław.

Demolition started on Saturdayfacebook.com/OsiedleKarlowiceRozankaWroclaw

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“Actually, we only have the plinth of the building”

The officers identified both men. It turned out that they were doing work commissioned by the building owner. A conservator of monuments also arrived on site.

The destroyed villa is included in the municipal register of monumentsfacebook.com/OsiedleKarlowiceRozankaWroclaw

– The work was very advanced. In fact, today we only have the plinth of the building, this part of the ground floor has been preserved, and the rest has been demolished. I ordered the demolition work to be stopped. In an informal sense, because it turned out that there is no construction log on site – said Daniel Gibski, the Lower Silesian provincial conservator of monuments.

The owner claims that the villa posed a threat

The owner convinced the conservator in a telephone conversation that the demolition had been reported to the district supervision inspector “due to the emergency condition and threat to the lives of third parties.”

– I am not entirely convinced by this, because publicly available materials from the website of the Chief Construction Supervision Inspector do not indicate that there was a notification. Moreover, it is the duty of every owner of a building, not only a monument, to take care of the technical condition and secure the plot against access by unauthorized persons, so these are weak arguments, said Gibski.

The police were notified about the illegal demolitionfacebook.com/OsiedleKarlowiceRozankaWroclaw

They wanted to expand it, but they did not get permission

Previously, the owner tried to obtain permission to expand the villa with a modern wing of the same size, but was not granted permission. He was therefore aware that the building was protected.

A passer-by notified the police on Saturday morningfacebook.com/OsiedleKarlowiceRozankaWroclaw

– It should be remembered that the villa is included in the municipal register of monuments, it is located in the historic district of Karłowice, which is also in the register of monuments and protected by the local development plan, so we have such an accumulation of forms of protection here. Of course, if the facts are confirmed that this is a completely arbitrary action, I will report it to the prosecutor’s office – assured Gibski.

The building was basically completely demolishedfacebook.com/OsiedleKarlowiceRozankaWroclaw

Destroying a monument carries severe penalties, up to eight years in prison. The court may also order the reconstruction of the structure and award compensation to the National Fund for the Protection of Monuments in the amount up to the value of the damage to the monument.

Main photo source: facebook.com/OsiedleKarlowiceRozankaWroclaw

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