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They say they are for freedom, but not for everyone. These are the views of the Confederation’s candidates

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What image is the Confederation trying to create, and what views do its candidates actually have? The party used to explain inconvenient statements as being taken out of context. The question is – can they be explained at all?

Everything has to look cool – meetings like concerts and leaders like rock stars. Confederation’s candidates for the Sejm, led by party leader Sławomir Mentzen, repeat the same message – they promise Poles low taxes, cars, houses, grass, barbecues and holidays.

Teenage boys and young men who come for a “beer with Mentzen” may not know other Confederate representatives. They may not know that in the phones they use to record meetings, “number one” from Radom – Rafał Foryś – sees a harmful cellular network, and in wireless headphones, “number three” from Szczecin – Marcin Sowiński – sees Bluetooth, which destroys the brain.

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Men who “go to overturn the table” and assure that the most important thing for them is the economy, also have views that they prefer not to discuss “over a beer”. – I have not completely changed my views, they have evolved towards national, fascist, monarchist – argues Tomasz Stala, “number one” of the Confederation in Częstochowa. The same candidate spoke of “incredible numbers” in the context of the Holocaust.

“Plandemic”, “Ukrainization of Poland”, punishing women for abortion

However, there are more incorrect statements made by subsequent Confederation candidates. The current head of the confederation’s electoral staff stated in 2014 that they would register “not only unions, but also individual p*****s.”


There are also people among the Confederates who question the existence of a pandemic – for example, the Olsztyn “three”, Andrzej Wyrębek. – Was it necessary to wear these rags on our faces? We all know it’s a pseudo-pandemic, a plandemic,” he said. The views of the candidates proposed by the Confederation are also often anti-Ukrainian. Activists of this group are in favor of “ethnically homogeneous Poland”, and on the Internet they protest against “Ukrainization of Poland”.

Confederation is trying to create the image of a freedom party, but not for LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, Jews and women. According to party representatives, abortion should be absolutely banned and punishable by imprisonment for women.

The Confederation usually explains uncomfortable statements as being taken out of context. – The nonsense that they say on TV about us is simply not true – assures Marcin Sypniewski.

The candidates have already removed a lot of controversial content.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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