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They started the school year in Belarusian-Ukrainian classes in order to learn Polish faster and easier

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At Primary School No. 29 in Wrocław, three Belarusian-Ukrainian classes will start with the new school year. The facility decided to create them because the number of students from beyond the eastern border increased. Children from these classes will have more Polish lessons. A Polish teacher of Belarusian origin was also hired for them.

Belarusian-Ukrainian classes consist of 15 people. In Primary School No. 29 in Wrocław, three such classes, at levels IV, VI and VIII, were created this school year. This is because, as the management of the facility explains, the number of students from beyond the eastern border increases every year.


“In the beginning it will be much easier for them”

A Belarusian Polish language teacher was hired for students of three classes. All this to make it easier for children to learn Polish. Apart from the obligatory five hours of Polish lessons, students will have five additional lessons. – These children will at the beginning be much easier with their peers from Ukraine or Belarus, more freely. Nobody will laugh if they do not understand Polish yet – emphasizes Paweł Minorowicz, director of Primary School No. 29 in Wrocław.

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Parents of children from Belarus and Ukraine do not hide their satisfaction with the creation of such classes. – I am not stressed, my son is, because it is a language barrier. However, I think it will be fine – said the mother of one of the students. And the father of another added: – The son will have friends, he will be able to play and talk in his own language. Primary School No. 29 is not the only facility in Wrocław where Belarusian-Ukrainian classes have been established. Such branches were established in a total of 10 primary schools in the capital of Lower Silesia.

Belarusian-Ukrainian classes were created, inter alia, at Primary School No. 29 in WrocławGoogle Maps

Main photo source: TVN24

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