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They suffer from malnutrition, fear and lack of loved ones. The situation of children in the Gaza Strip is dramatic

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The war in the Gaza Strip, Israel and the West Bank has already left a terrible mark on children, one of whose most serious problems is malnutrition. Thousands of children were killed, thousands more suffered from hunger and disease.

Save the Children International has just published a report on children in the Gaza Strip, which contains disturbing numbers. – Our estimates show that at least 17,000 children are left unattended or separated from surviving family members – says Alexandra Saieh, director of humanitarian policy at Save the Children.

The organization also talks about four thousand children currently considered dead – their bodies are supposed to be found under the ruins of destroyed buildings. – Children constitute 40 percent of victims in Gaza. If we take into account that at least 10,000 people are buried under the rubble, it means that at least 4,000 of them are children – points out Alexandra Saieh.

Save the Children talks about yet another unspecified statistic. According to the organization, an unknown number of Palestinian children were buried in mass graves. The identification of the bodies is made difficult by the fact that in many cases no relatives survived.

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– The uncertainty about whether their loved ones are alive or where they are is torture for families. No parent should search through rubble or mass graves looking for the body of their child. No child should be alone and unattended in a war zone. No child should be held in custody or held hostage, emphasizes Jeremy Stoner, director Save the Children International in the Middle East.

Since the October 7 Hamas attack that started the war, 33 Israeli children have died. This number does not include hostages held by Hamas. Palestinians in the West Bank are also in a difficult situation. The fate of 250 children detained by Israeli forces is unknown.

In the face of the war in Gaza, children's lives are in constant danger, even if they have family, care and are in a potentially safe place.

Gaza Strip. 6-year-old Hinda Rajab has died11/02Reuters

They are malnourished and cannot speak or sleep

Majd was born just over half a year ago, so already during the war. He was a healthy child. – When I gave birth to him, he weighed three and a half kilograms. He was a very healthy child, but did not gain any weight afterwards. He currently weighs three eight hundred and is almost seven months old, he says Nisreen al-Khateeb, the boy's mother.

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Majd's case is just one of thousands. Faced with water shortages, mothers in the Gaza Strip prepare meals using, for example, rainwater filtered through bandages. This is dangerous because children can get very dangerous diarrhea. – Due to malnutrition, children have no immunity. Basically, all infections caught in shelters where children live can lead to serious lung diseases – he informs Ahmed al-Kahlout, a nurse from the Neonatology Department of Kamal Adwan Hospital.

According to non-governmental organizations, children from the Gaza Strip have experienced such trauma that they are sometimes unable to eat, talk or sleep. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, data collected since mid-January this year indicates that more than seven thousand Gaza children aged 6 months to five years are malnourished.

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