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They suspended flights all over the country. Mali ran out of fuel

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All domestic airlines in Mali suspended local and international flights on Wednesday due to fuel shortages. The crisis could last at least several days, said Col. Yaya Toure, director of the country's Civil Aviation Agency.

Some international carriers have canceled flights to Bamako, while others have opted for stopovers and refueling in neighboring countries. Several airlines, such as Ethiopian and Turkish Airlines, have informed their passengers that some flights have been modified or canceled. The military junta that has been ruling the country since 2020 announced the lack of fuel and, therefore, the suspension of all flights without prior warning, completely surprising carriers. This has led to chaos at airports, especially at the capital in Bamako, from which international flights depart.

Bamoko, the capital of MaliShutterstock

Problems arose after the coup

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The authorities have not given a reason why none of the three fuel suppliers – Total Energies, Ola Energy and Star Oil Mali – have stocks or why this was not foreseen. One explanation for the fuel shortage may be that Mali has experienced frequent and long power outages since the military took power. The administration and junta-linked business and homeowners have been using generators, which consume a lot of fuel, making it a very scarce commodity. The security situation in the country has also deteriorated, with fuel convoys that used to take five days to reach Bamako from seaports in neighbouring countries now taking two weeks to make the journey, escorted by the military.

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