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They want to help where there is a shortage of doctors and medical equipment. Two students will go on a mission to Africa

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Two students – midwifery and nursing – will go to Côte d'Ivoire as part of a medical mission organized by the Salvatti.pl Foundation. The conditions in the hospital they go to are very difficult – almost everything is missing. That's why the students want to take as much medical equipment as possible and for this purpose they organize a collection. Everyone can help.

Magdalena Halska and Katarzyna Wielgus, midwifery and nursing students, will go to Côte d'Ivoire on the last day of September. They will return to Poland only before Christmas. This will be a medical mission. An experienced doctor will also take part in it.

– It is very difficult for a doctor who has all the modern means at his disposal (…) to switch to such a situation when I only have my own mind, hands and a receiver – says Magdalena Chrzanowska, a neonatologist and pediatrician at the University Hospital No. 1 in Bydgoszcz.

The doctor's concerns are not exaggerated. – The hospital room consists of oilcloth beds with no bedding or only one sheet. There is a shortage of dressing materials, not to mention medical equipment, for example, CTG machines are something new there, they still listen to the child's heart rate through an earphone that they put to the belly – explains Monika Mostowska, vice-president of the Salvatti.pl Pallottine Missionary Foundation.

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That's why young women are conducting collections on the Internet and elsewhere. They want to take as much medical equipment as possible to the hospital in Bouake. – They need a device for subcutaneous measurement of bilirubin, i.e. a bilirubinometer. They need pulse oximeters and any amount of small medical equipment, such as central lines, some cannulae, dressings, maybe catheters for umbilical vessels – Chrzanowska points out.

The students want to do this to at least slightly improve the situation of patients who have no chance of receiving state-guaranteed medical care there. – This is only a narrow group of the really rich who have health insurance and can get treatment, but in general, medical services are paid and quite expensive, because the poorer the country, the higher the prices – explains Mostowska.

Doctors Without Borders in Ukraine. Report by TVN24 reporter Tomasz KanikTVN24

They have been organizing missionary volunteering for years

The Salvatti.pl Foundation has been organizing missionary volunteering for several years. The head of the pediatric clinic at the hospital in Bouake has been a friend of the Pallottines since the civil war in Côte d'Ivoire.

– There is neonatology, pediatrics, the delivery room where I would like to work the most – says Magdalena Halska, a midwifery student and a volunteer of the Salvatti.pl Foundation. – From an early age there was this desire to help people and go somewhere else. That's why when I met Magda and she said: “hey, I'm going on a mission, do you want to go with me?”, she literally fell out of the sky – recalls Katarzyna Wielgus, a nursing student and a volunteer of the Salvatti.pl Foundation.

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The students go to a country where rich people also live, but the vast majority of people living there are extremely poor villagers, even though their homeland is famous for growing cocoa. – Children in Côte d'Ivoire, when they see chocolate, it is a complete delicacy for them, because they cannot afford it, because everything is exported – explains the vice-president of the Pallottine Missionary Foundation Salvatti.pl.

The medical equipment provided by the missionaries will stay there. The knowledge and skills they passed on – too.

Fundraising for the organization of a medical mission to Africa

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