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They wanted to extort money using the “COVID” method. The police publish the woman’s image and ask for help

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The police warn against fraudsters who extort money “for COVID”. Mr. Edward was a victim of such practice. The man received a phone call allegedly from the hospital where his son was seriously ill and needed money for an expensive medicine. Soon a woman came to collect the funds, but a fight broke out and the 77-year-old did not lose his savings. Now the Częstochowa police are looking for the woman.

The police publish recordings with the image of a woman who, according to investigators, works in a gang that extorts elderly people from their life savings. – We don’t have anything at the moment, that’s why we are asking and publishing this image – informs Sgt. staff. Marcin Knysak from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Częstochowa.

Image of a wanted womanSilesian police

The victim of the fraudsters was a 77-year-old resident of Częstochowa. The man received a call allegedly from the hospital where his son was seriously ill with COVID-19. – They said they needed a medicine from the United States, which costs PLN 90,000 – says Mr. Edward.

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The alleged doctor argued that time was running out. Mr. Edward agreed to help his child. He revealed that he had cash savings at home – PLN 60,000. He was told that this was enough and that a notary would soon come to collect the money.

The fraudsters impersonated the daughter of a 62-year-old woman, and the woman lost her money

“The woman started hitting the man with her fists”

– The legends that criminals use are different. However, their goal is one: to deceive people and take their money, notes an operational officer from the Central Police Investigation Bureau. – I hear so much on TV because I watch it, but sometimes you can’t control your emotions – admits Mr. Edward.

Mr. Edward only thought about saving his son. He gave money to a strange woman. However, when she wanted to leave, he asked her to show some document to prove that she was coming on behalf of the hospital. In response, the woman knocked the 77-year-old to the ground. – The woman started hitting the man with her fists. As a result of the incident, the woman started screaming – informs Sgt. staff. Marcin Knysak. – She shouted that I wanted to rape her – reports the deceived man.

Three men ran into the apartment and saved, but not the robbed man, but a fraudster, a victim of an alleged rape. – During the struggle, the injured party recovered a bag with money, so this is an attempt to commit a crime – says Krzysztof Budzik from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa.

Now the police are trying to arrest the woman and her accomplices, which will be difficult without the help of people who recognize her.

Main photo source: TVN24

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