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They were harmed by Minister Czarnek's program. “There is no way to right injustice.”

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After the “willa plus” scandal and the new government's announcement that it was recovering millions of zlotys distributed by Minister Przemysław Czarnek, it seemed that those who really need it had a chance again. None of these things. The Ministry of Education says that it does not have this money, so it does not have funds for a new competition.

We have already talked about the “Koocham” Foundation in “Facts”.. She runs “OOniwerek”, a Private Therapeutic Kindergarten and a primary school, in Izabelin near Warsaw. We showed that there was not enough space there. The hope for expanding activities was the ministerial program – created under the previous government – after the scandal broke out, called “willa plus”. The foundation wanted to buy the property and create another facility there.

Parents of children with disabilities hoped that the facility they loved would receive ministerial support. – Such places should be supported by the state – comments Anna Tymińska, Wojtek's mother. – Our concern is what's next. Will there be additional years of opportunities to care for a child? – asks Artur Maździarz, Łucja's father.

The “Willa plus” program gave hope to those in need. He did not finance organizations that he himself assessed positively

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Despite the positive opinion, she did not receive the money. That's why an online collection was launched. – Since December, we have been going around all possible institutions in this country, asking for any support. However, everywhere we hear only that we are doing a really great job, unfortunately nothing comes of it – reports Joanna Palica, president of the “Koocham” Foundation.

There were more organizations such as the “Koocham” Foundation – with a positive opinion, but no money. Their list was published last year by MP Krystyna Szumilas. – There were probably no members of Law and Justice or Minister Czarnek's friends there. – comments Krystyna Szumilas, chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Youth.

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Will the ministry transfer the money promised by Czarnek?

The Ministry of Education conducts inspections of the “villa plus” beneficiaries. We ask whether he also intends to take a look at the organizations whose applications were assessed positively, but Minister Czarnek did not give them money. – We would have to announce another competition, because there is no return to that competition. There is no way to repair the injustice – replies Katarzyna Lubnauer, deputy minister of national education from the Civic Coalition. When asked whether the ministry would announce a new competition, she replied: – We would have to have funds.

The Ministry of National Education explains that the money that was and will be returned from “villa plus” – due to irregularities – does not go to the ministry's budget, but to the state budget.

The beneficiaries included organizations that were rated negatively.

We asked the Deputy Minister of National Education if she would like to try to take the initiative, perhaps to compensate these injured organizations. – There is no way. Because, first of all, it's not like it's one organization, says Lubnauer. – It is sad and incomprehensible – comments Żaneta Rachzaniec, president of the “Po Skrzydła” Foundation. This foundation from Sosnowiec, dealing primarily with psychological assistance, asked for PLN 88,000. There was a positive opinion, but no money was awarded. The foundation wanted to use it to equip, among other things, a room for sensory integration therapy. – Unfortunately, this goal was not achieved – says Rachzaniec.

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A disease that turns girls into silent angels. The reality of children suffering from Rett syndromeRenata Kijowska/Fakty TVN

Replacing the floor or purchasing tables and chairs – this was the goal of the “School Aid Foundation” from Góra near Leszno, also omitted from the program. The tables and chairs have already been purchased, and a spectator also helped. – Thanks to your program, in which we also participated, an entrepreneur from Warsaw approached us and provided us with a carpet – says Arkadiusz Gortych, president of the Edward Machniewicz School Aid Foundation in Zielona Góra.

The sense of injustice is justified here. All the more so because the beneficiaries included organizations that were rated negatively.

Main photo source: TVN24

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