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They were picked up by their tails, thrown and suffocated by exhaust fumes. Activists show recordings

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Viva! Foundation shows evidence of torture of minks in two farms in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The shared recordings show animals being pulled by their tails, thrown and stuffed into a slaughter box. Additionally, they were supposed to be suffocated by exhaust fumes from a lawn tractor. Activists have notified the prosecutor’s office, but at the same time there are questions about changes in the law.

Minks stuffed in containers – probably many of them with a broken spine, broken bones or a cracked skull – are suffocated by exhaust fumes from a lawn tractor. One animal foundation provides evidence of what goes on inside the farm.

– They remain conscious and suffocate for several minutes, which causes them great suffering, and some of them survived the gassing and were then killed with a metal rod – says Anna Iżyńska-Tymoniuk from the Open Cages Association.

– Systemically, every time, employees simply pulled out the minks by their tails and threw them into the crates, and additionally shook the minks in the air by their tails – reports an investigative activist from the International Animal Movement Foundation – Viva!, who wants to remain anonymous.

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The same pattern took place in two farms in Pomerania where the Foundation’s investigative activists were employed. – The perpetrators face up to three years in prison. However, this sanction may increase if it turns out that they acted with particular cruelty – says Junior Asp Łukasz Kirkuć from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

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That is, up to or only up to 5 years in prison, because in an industry that turns over billions of zlotys annually, penalties do not seem to be an effective deterrent.

The deputy minister of agriculture wants to change the regulations

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak would like to deprive breeders who violate animal rights of the right to breed animals. – It is abnormal if today we allow someone who harms animals to continue doing what he is doing, it is the same as if we allowed someone after harming people: well, do it yourself. And this is the starting point, emphasizes Kołodziejczak. The deputy minister’s words give hope for the resurrection of the so-called Five for Animals, which was effectively blocked, among others, by the fur lobby with the zealous support of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk.

There are approximately 500 registered fur farms in Poland. They kill 4 million animals for fur every year. – We are the first country in Europe and the second in the world after China to produce this type of products, so it is definitely not a reason to be proud, but a matter of shame – points out Karolina Czechowska from the International Movement for Animals Foundation – Viva!.

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The bill banning fur farming is already ready. – We very much believe that this time politicians will keep their word that they will not disappoint animals, as well as the majority of society that supports this ban – notes Anna Iżyńska-Tymoniuk from the Otwarte Klatki Association. – This barbaric practice, called agricultural animal breeding, has nothing to do with agriculture, but satisfies the needs of snobbish buyers – says Paweł Suski, MP of the Civic Coalition, member of the Parliamentary Group for Animal Protection, Animal Owners’ Rights and Development of Polish Agriculture.

Main photo source: Viva! Foundation

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