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They were traveling over 200 kilometers per hour. They received a fine of PLN 2,500 and 15 penalty points

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One accelerated his car to 200 kilometers per hour, the other to 203. Both drivers received fines of PLN 2,500. The police also added 15 penalty points to their account. Although only a dozen or so days have passed since the accident on the A1, in which a family was hit by a driver driving at a speed of over 250 km/h and burned in their car, there is still no shortage of potential killers on the roads.

“Two men forgot about the applicable road restrictions and drove at dizzying speeds, with no regard for their own and others’ safety. A 49-year-old man accelerated his Audi to 200 kilometers per hour on Aleja Krakowska in Tarczyn, and a 36-year-old driving on the Góra Kalwaria bypass , also an Audi, had a speed of 203 kilometers per hour – said senior officer Magdalena Gąsowska, spokeswoman for the police in Piaseczno, in a statement.

He wanted to test the car’s capabilities

She added that one of the men explained to the police that “he had 500 horses under the hood, and he picked up the car two days ago, so he wanted to check its capabilities.” Both drivers had to take into account “a severe fine of PLN 2,500. The officers also added 15 penalty points to the account of each driver,” said senior officer Gąsowska.

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The drivers were speeding at over 200 kilometers per hour KPP in Piaseczno

The policewoman reminded that the assessment of road safety still shows that excessive speed is still one of the most common causes of road accidents. “Let us remember that the road situation often changes dynamically, circumstances may arise in which a quick reaction will be necessary, and disregarding applicable regulations, including speed limits, may lead to tragedy,” she concluded.

Horror on A1

Driving at such speed is asking for a tragedy. And these happen regularly and the whole of Poland is talking about them. During the summer holidays, a souped-up car, accelerated to 160 km/h, skidded in the center of Krakow. The car fell on its roof onto the boulevard on the Vistula River. A completely drunk driver and his three friends died. The perpetrator was known for driving fast.

A month passed and three young enthusiasts of fast driving, in an almost identical tuned-up yellow Renault Megane, died near Oświęcim. On a winding road with a speed limit of 40 km/h, they were driving at approximately 120 km/h. They failed to make the turn.

The tragedy in which a family of three died occurred on September 16. The car that was hit by the BMW driven by Sebastian Majtczak caught fire and hit the barriers. The perpetrator was not arrested at the scene of the accident, and initially the police did not inform that the BMW was involved in it. He managed to escape abroad and is now wanted on an arrest warrant. Zbigniew Ziobro said he was driving at least 253 km/h.

Main photo source: KPP in Piaseczno

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