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They will receive “week by week”. “These parents should be given back their lost time”

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For parents of premature babies, five months of maternity leave is dramatically little. Fortunately, this is about to change. The government is planning a “week by week” mechanism – a week of extended hospitalization, a week of extended maternity leave, up to 8 weeks extra.

What it lacks in months, it makes up for in charm. Emilka was born two months prematurely and had surgery immediately after birth. He will stay at the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk for a while. – Everything will be allright. For now, we have to be here for about six weeks, says Martyna Richert, mother of a premature baby. Six weeks that Emilka's mother should have spent at home with her.

– Parents are not on vacation when they stand next to their child's bed in the hospital. These parents should be given back their lost time. Give back the time that was stolen by fate, disease – says Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, MP of the New Left.

“Week by week” mechanism

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And that's exactly what will happen. The family resort has a ready draft of new regulations. – Social policy at its best. I didn't expect that it would be possible to do it within five months – comments Elżbieta Brzozowska, vice-president of the “Koalicja dla Wcześniak” Foundation.

Only recently, after appeals from doctors and social organizations, did politicians take up what had long been understood in other countries.

– It is difficult to compare the parents of a healthy, full-term newborn and the parents of a child who requires hospitalization in an intensive care unit for many weeks, and sometimes months, – says Professor Tomasz Szczapa, president of the Polish Neonatological Society.

Their holidays will soon be extended. – We propose a “week by week” mechanism. A week of hospitalization, a week of extended maternity leave, up to eight weeks – says Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk. For mothers or fathers of both premature babies and newborns hospitalized after birth.

– They will be able to apply to ZUS on a special form to extend their leave – says Elżbieta Brzozowska, vice-president of the “Koalicja dla Wcześniaka” Foundation.

The new regulations are to enter into force in 2025

The regulations prepared by the Ministry of Family will now be dealt with by the government and then by the parliament. – We should enter 2025 with new regulations – says Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk.

The minister will announce details of the project on Friday. – I think this is a good idea – says Martyna Richert. Also because even proper leave after leaving the hospital will not be a holiday. – We are waiting for rehabilitation, physiotherapists, because, of course, she is a premature baby and she will also need this – says Martyna Richert.

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Early birth is a problem not only affecting the child himself. The extra time will be useful. – By promoting this extension of time, we can contribute to improving the condition not only of the child, but also of the rest of the family – comments Professor Tomasz Szczapa.

Because the family has to make up for what was lost during the hospital stay. – This bond, unfortunately, was a bit disturbed, so they must have time to learn about themselves, (…) have time to simply rebuild this bond, to gain it above all – says Milena Brodnicka, a nurse from the Clinic Neonatology of the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk.

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