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Things worth knowing on Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Farmers announce protests for 150,000 people. A tragic accident occurred during exercises at the Land Forces Training Center in Drawsko Pomorskie. Facebook experienced a global outage. Here are five things to know on March 6.

1. The Sejm will consider the draft amendment to the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary and the resolution on the Constitutional Tribunal

The Sejm will begin a three-day session on Wednesday. During the work, he will conduct the first reading of the government’s draft amendment to the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary. The project assumes that 15 judge-members of the National Council of the Judiciary will be elected in elections direct and in a secret ballot by judges, and not, as has been the case since 2018, by the Sejm. After these elections, the current members of the National Council of the Judiciary will lose their mandate.

Then, the MPs are to conduct the first reading of the parliamentary draft resolution on eliminating the effects of the constitutional crisis of 2015-2023 in the context of the activities of the Constitutional Tribunal. “The purpose of this resolution is to solve accumulating legal problems regarding the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Tribunal in an objective and apolitical way,” it was emphasized in the justification for this project. We read in it that “violations of the constitution and law in the activities of the Constitutional Tribunal have reached a scale that prevents this body from performing systemic tasks in the field of controlling the constitutionality of law, including the protection of human and citizen rights.”

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2. Farmers announce a protest for 150,000 people

On Wednesday, farmers’ organizations announced a protest in the center of Warsaw, including in front of the Sejm and the Prime Minister’s office. Originally, farmers planned to drive tractors into the city, but the capital city hall did not consent to this, which was confirmed by the court. According to the city’s spokeswoman, the organizer announced the largest demonstration for 150,000 people.

Regardless of what form Wednesday’s farmers’ protest takes, traffic disruptions are expected. – We appeal to all Warsaw residents to avoid the city center if possible, do not use cars and switch to public transport, especially the metro – said the mayor of Warsaw on Tuesday. Rafał Trzaskowski.

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3. Tragic accident at the training ground

During an exercise at the Land Forces Training Center in Drawsko Pomorskie, an infantry fighting vehicle ran over two soldiers. One of them died, the other was transported to hospital in serious condition.

The prosecutor’s office investigating the circumstances of the tragic event will conduct proceedings to determine whether a fatal accident was caused by military equipment, said Col. Bartosz Okoniewski, deputy District Prosecutor for Military Affairs of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

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Accident at the training ground in Drawsko PomorskieTVN24

4. Facebook’s big crash

Facebook crashed on Tuesday afternoon. Applications such as Messenger and Instagram also did not work. “There was a technical problem,” said Meta Platforms spokesman Andy Stone. He added that it had been resolved.

The problems affected users all over the world. Before 5 p.m., Downdetector had over 300,000 reports of failures on Facebook. Over 50,000 reports concerned problems with Instagram.

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5. Detention and prosecutor’s charges against the director of the Poznań zoo

Ewa Zgrabczyńska, who was detained by the police on Tuesday and faced prosecutor’s charges, will lose her job. The decision to terminate her contract was made by the mayor of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak.

The director of the Poznań Zoo is suspected of acting to the detriment of the city by using her position and abusing her powers, as well as harming creditors and persuading a witness to give false testimony.

Zgrabczyńska was suspended from her position as director and is banned from entering the zoo. She faces up to ten years in prison. She agreed to provide her full name and publish her image.

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Main photo source: PAP/Mateusz Marek

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