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Things worth knowing on Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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The National Prosecutor's Office reviewed proceedings regarding incidents during demonstrations in 2016-2023. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid an unannounced visit to Kiev. The Georgian parliament adopted a law on “foreign agents”. Here are six things to know on Wednesday, May 15.

1. Examinations for eighth graders and high school graduates

Today is the second part exam for eighth graders, i.e. mathematics. On Tuesday, 8th grade students of primary school took an exam in Polish, and on Thursday they will take an exam in a foreign language.

This morning, high school graduates will take a written exam in mathematics at the advanced level. In the afternoon there will be written exams in French at advanced and bilingual levels. Exams in these subjects are not compulsory.

2. The National Prosecutor's Office examined the incidents during the demonstration

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The National Prosecutor's Office reviewed proceedings regarding incidents during public gatherings in 2016-2023. “The analysis revealed irregularities,” it was reported.

As mentioned, the analysis concerned, among others, marches organized by the Committee for the Defense of Democracy or National Women's Strike, but also the Independence March of 2017. “Participation in these marches was an exercise by citizens of their constitutional right to assembly and freedom of speech,” it was emphasized.

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3. Antony Blinken in Kiev

Secretary of State USA Antony Blinken reported during an unannounced visit to Kiev that American weapons for Ukraine is on its way.

Blinken also said that the G7 is working to ensure that frozen Russian assets are used to repair the damage it has caused. Russia. He talked about a “global coalition” that works to help Ukraine. – Poland constantly supports the transfer of almost all aid that flows to Ukraine and provides significant support from itself – said Blinken.

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4. Protests after the adoption of the “Russian law”

The Georgian parliament adopted a law on “foreign agents”. Thousands of dissatisfied citizens are protesting in Tbilisi almost constantly.

In the evening, there were clashes between demonstrators and the police. The services beat up another well-known activist. They claim that 13 people were detained for “disobedience to officers” and “minor hooliganism.”

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Security services taken to the streets of TbilisiDAVID MDZINARISHVILI/PAP/EPA

5. In the Sejm on fires

On Wednesday afternoon, MPs will hear information from the Minister of Interior and Administration on the actions taken to explain the causes and circumstances of the fires that have occurred in various places in Poland in recent days.

Earlier, the spokesman of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, Sub-Inspector Robert Szumiata, said that “at the moment there are no grounds to link all these fires together.” The president, prime minister and head of the National Security Bureau also spoke on the matter.

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6. Judgment in the Polański case

The court in Paris acquitted the director on Tuesday Roman Polanski, accused of libel by British actress Charlotte Lewis. The actress filed a lawsuit when Polanski, whom she publicly accused of raping her when she was 16, called the accusations a “hideous lie.”

The court only commented on the defamation charges, i.e. it did not decide whether the director had committed the act described by Charlotte Lewis. The judges only assessed whether Polanski abused freedom of speech in an interview published in 2019 by the weekly “Paris Match”, in which he accused Lewis of lying.

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