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Third party liability insurance. UFG about the consequences of the lack of OC. The record holder has over PLN 2 million to pay back

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About PLN 340 million – this is the amount that uninsured perpetrators of motor damage have to pay back. There are about 30,000 such people in Poland, and their debts range from several thousand zlotys to over two million. For one of such drivers, a small “abrasion” when changing lanes cost as much as PLN 120,000 because it damaged an expensive and luxurious car.

Third party liability insurance for motor vehicle owners is compulsory. Unfortunately, not everyone complies with this obligation. What could be the consequences? Huge debts, often counted in tens and hundreds of thousands of zlotys. How does it happen? If an uninsured driver causes an accident, the insurance guarantee fund will pay compensation and benefits to the victims. Then, the Insurance Guarantee Fund will seek payment of this amount from the perpetrator of the accident.

Only in 2022, the UFG paid out PLN 100 million

Compensation and benefits are paid by the Insurance Guarantee Fund to persons injured in collisions and accidents caused by uninsured perpetrators.

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In 2022, it was over PLN 100 million, and since the beginning of the Fund’s operations – over PLN 1.5 billion. The fund is obliged to claim the return of the paid money from the perpetrator under the so-called recourse. Both the perpetrator (the driver) and the owner of the vehicle who did not have insurance may be charged with recourse. Therefore, we must remember to check the validity of the OC policy also when we rent a car.

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The vehicle must also be insured when parked on private property and not used.

It is enough to recall the story of one of the debtors who caused an accident without valid third party liability insurance. It was a teenage driver who, without the knowledge and consent of his parents, drove a car parked on the property onto a public road. It turned out that the car had no liability insurance, and the driver collided with another vehicle in which a family with children was traveling. The juvenile offender’s debts reach tens of thousands of zlotysand their parents pay for it.

The granddaughters “borrowed” the quad and caused a debt of thousands of zlotys

Yet another incident occurred while the teenage grandchildren were staying with their grandmother. Without the knowledge of the owner, they drove onto the street in a quad bike that did not have valid liability insurance. The preliminary value of damages caused as a result of a collision with a properly moving other vehicle is calculated in thousands of zlotys.

In turn, a small “obcierka” when changing lanes cost one of the uninsured drivers as much as … 120 thousand zloty. It damaged an expensive and luxurious car, and there are more and more of these on Polish roads.

It is not only compensation, but also benefits for the victims

It is also worth remembering that traffic incidents result not only in property damage. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for someone to be injured or killed. Such an accident was caused by a driver who went to the river by the car. He drove onto the grass to get closer to the water and parked there. However, he did not notice another beachgoer on his route, who was resting on a blanket. The accident resulted in serious bodily injuries to the victim. The perpetrator did not have a valid third party liability insurance, so he must reimburse the costs of compensation and benefits paid, counted in tens of thousands of zlotys.

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On the other hand, a motorcyclist who, without a valid OC policy, drove into a group of pedestrians walking on the side of the road, caused the death of two people and injuries to several others. His debt to UFG already reaches hundreds of thousands of zlotys and … is growing all the time. It should be emphasized that in the case of personal injury – in addition to compensation – regular benefits are often paid, sometimes for many years. This happens, for example, when the victim of an accident becomes disabled or when a parent of a small child dies (then the child is entitled to the benefit until the end of education, in accordance with the mode of this education, and even until the age of 26).

The record is PLN 2.3 million

Currently, the value of the record-breaking recourse is approx. PLN 2.3 million. However, this amount is constantly growing. There are already over a dozen people who have more than PLN 1 million to return. On the other hand, the number of debtors for whom the Fund paid compensation exceeding PLN 50,000. PLN, is counted in thousands.

The average value of an IGF claim against an uninsured perpetrator of a collision or accident is almost PLN 20,000. zloty. For comparison, a 12-month OC policy costs an average of PLN 500-600 for a vehicle owner, while according to various studies, drivers in Poland spend an average of several hundred zlotys a month on fuel.

Check the validity of the OC before the trip

Before you go on the road, it is worth making sure that the vehicle you are going to drive has valid liability insurance. It is enough to go to the UFG.pl website and enter the registration number (or VIN) in the “Check the vehicle’s liability insurance” field. In this way, we can check the validity of the OC policy for any day (set the selected date) and we will find out which insurer issued it.

Insurance prices go up and down at the same time

According to the Fund’s data, in the last year alone there were almost 17 million such checks on the UFG.pl website. The service is therefore very popular. It is worth knowing that in this way we will check the validity of the OC insurance of the owner of any vehicle – e.g. when we have a collision, we can check it online right awaywhether the offender is insured.

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