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Third Way politicians do not want a coalition with PiS. “Embarrassing flirtations”

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The Third Way or the third term of office of PiS – this is an election slogan that also rings clear after the elections. We feel a huge obligation to the people who voted for us so that Jarosław Kaczyński would not rule – emphasize the candidates from the Third Way lists and assure that no words of PiS politicians will change this.

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz assures that no one from PiS has contacted him regarding a potential PiS-PSL coalition. Both he and other representatives of the People’s Party reject the variant in which PSL would help PiS build a parliamentary majority. – Eight years of slandering PSL, spitting on it, destroying it. Saying to the end that “The Third Way is the third leg” and will not exceed the electoral threshold. Today, this means that there is really no one to talk to and about, emphasizes Stefan Krajewski from PSL.

The way PiS representatives spoke about the People’s Party before and after the elections shows the true intentions and hypocrisy of the party in power. Minister Czarnek spoke about the “line of shame” in the context of the PO-PSL government. It was like that before the elections. However, after October 15, Przemysław Czarnek radically changed his position. – If Law and Justice had never been established and if I had not been a member of Law and Justice, I would probably consider functioning as part of a peasant, folk, conservative, Christian party like the Polish People’s Party, because that is what it is – he said.

The Supreme Executive Committee of the Polish People’s Party is meetingTVN24

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“Embarrassing flirtations”

– Law and Justice should stop these embarrassing courtships, because it really looks very weak and does not build respect among its own electorate, but only exposes it to ridicule – says Miłosz Motyka, PSL.

Jarosław Kaczyński knows well that from the beginning of his rule he had one plan for PSL – the complete marginalization of peasants in the countryside and in the Sejm. PSL was the only party that did not get the seat of deputy speaker of the Sejm in 2015, when PiS took power. It’s just a symbol, but as PSL activists say – there have been thousands of such actions against their people in the field over these eight years.

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No matter how much PiS politicians will now try to build the impression that there are activists among the People’s Party with whom talks are being held about the future government, the facts are that voters voted for Third Way not to let it rule with PiS. -em, but to remove PiS from power. – We will look after the interests of these voters – assures Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga. He adds that saying that the People’s Party members could break and not vote for PiS’s settlement is untrue, because “we feel a huge obligation to the people who voted for us so that Jarosław Kaczyński would not rule.”

PiS without the Third Way has no chance of gaining a majority in the Sejm.

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