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This cat weighed 19 kilograms. Now she and her owner are on a diet

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Obesity is a disease that can have serious health consequences not only in humans but also in animals. When Kay Ford spotted a cat with a really big carcass in one of the shelters in Virginia, she decided to help him. She got approval to adopt him, and now they’re both on a diet together. The first small success is already here.

Patches – in Polish he can be called Łatek – is white, has gray spots, lives with his owner in Hanover, Virginia, US, still weighs much too much, although he went on a diet. And it will steal your hearts for sure.

The previous owner gave him to the shelter, because apparently he couldn’t handle taking care of such a giant. In the centre, the animal dominated in size over other charges. He still showed impressive voracity. His weight reached 19 kilograms.

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The fight for health

Fortunately, Łatka spotted Kay Ford at the shelter, who decided to help him fight for health and a good figure. They both started a diet. – Well, we’ll do it together. It is true that the veterinarian did not say that I also had to lose 50 percent of my body weight, but he had to – she told about her pet.

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Łatek has a lot of fans who follow the process of his weight loss with bated breath. The animal exercises, plays a lot, eats healthier. So far, he has managed to lose a kilo.

Main photo source: CNN

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