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This device helps seriously ill people to communicate. How does the Cyber-Eye work?

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This is innovative technology and real help. The cyber-eye enables communication between the patient and the doctor – for example, when the patient does not speak, is paralyzed, and wants to convey that he has a toothache. The device is used, among others, in the Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Center “Repty” in Tarnowskie Góry

The camera tracks the movement of Mr. Tomasz Trzemżalski’s eyeballs as he listens to the messages and looks at the screen – this is the only way the patient communicates with the outside world. – Makes contact with the pictures, graphics, captions presented there, and the system itself determines the point of view. The point at which the patient looks – says Bożena Duda, neurologopedka, Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Center “Repty”.

In June 2022, Tomasz suffered a very serious brain injury in a car accident. Even though his eyes are open, he is actually in a coma. After several months spent in the ICU, the man was taken to the Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Center “Repty” in Tarnowskie Góry. – Tomuś arrived in a very serious condition, without any eye contact, with huge bedsores. At the moment, the entire staff is fighting for him. It’s both medical stuff and bringing him back to consciousness. There is a huge difference – explains Barbara Słyś-Trzemżalska, wife of Tomasz Trzemżalski.

The branch in Tarnowskie Góry has only five places. It accepts patients whose central nervous system has been deeply damaged as a result of injury or hypoxia. – This is a patient who does not understand, does not speak, does not communicate with the outside world in any other way – whether by sight or gesture – explains Anna Blaszkowska, neurologist and specialist in medical rehabilitation, Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Center “Repty”.

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It helps in the rehabilitation and determination of the patient’s consciousness

The so-called Cyber-Eye allows you to determine the level of consciousness of such a patient. – We observe every little sign telling us that the patient noticed something, that something reached him, that maybe he wants to communicate something to us – says Katarzyna Broniec-Siekaniec, clinical psychologist, Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Center “Repty”. One of the patients – thanks to Cyber-Oku – reported that he had a toothache. The dentist who was called confirmed this. Cyber-Eye also allows for rehabilitation. Patients follow instructions and thus exercise their damaged brain. It is a laborious process, and the effects take a long time.

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– The wake-up function is not the one moment we know from Hollywood movies that the patient opens his eyes and says: “where am I and what happened.” That’s not true. The function of waking a patient from a coma often lasts many weeks and many months, stresses Bożena Duda. As a standard – according to the procedures of the National Health Fund – patients can stay in this ward for one year. In special cases 15 months. They must then be discharged – regardless of their condition and prognosis.

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