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This device will revolutionize heart transplantology in Poland. “The Ice Age is Ending”

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Doctors in Warsaw have a device that monitors and keeps warm the heart taken from a donor for transplantation. This is a huge breakthrough in Polish transplantology. Cardiothoracic surgeons think so, because the rule is that they receive cold hearts for transplantation.

It was a fight for the heart, because the organ remained in a portable box for seven hours – between collection from the deceased donor and implantation in the recipient – which creates comfortable working conditions for the heart: for these few hours, it replaces the human body. The entire procedure was a success and Mr. Jerzy Rzeczkowski had a new heart is efficient and eager to live.

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– After nourishing it (the heart – ed.) with these fluids and blood, plus additional equipment from the outside, it starts beating – explains Jakub Kościołek, coordinator of the Mechanical Heart Support at the Medical University of Warsaw. Thanks to this, the heart starts beating quickly after implantation.

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– A cardiac surgeon who transplants hearts gets a heart on the operating table that is not working and is cold, it is stopped, and here there is a heart that is beating next to it – explains Prof. Mariusz Kuśmierczyk, head of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Experimental treatments for seniors with heart disease. “There are more and more of these patients”Marek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

A breakthrough in Polish heart transplantology

Until now, cardiac surgeons received cold hearts for transplantation because they were transported in refrigerators. However, they could only stay in such hibernation for about four hours. Now, in the incubator, they can wait up to 12 hours.

– The ice age in Poland in heart transplantology is ending – says Dr. Zygmunt Kaliciński, cardiac surgeon and transplantologist at the Medical University of Warsaw. Doctor Kaliciński is happy about this fact, because he has been collecting money to purchase this equipment for five years – EUR 270,000 to be precise.

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The introduction of such devices to monitor transplanted hearts in the United States has increased heart transplants by half. They have been standard in Europe for a decade. Despite this, the Ministry of Health in Poland was reluctant to purchase it. Why? – I think it was because of the price, because Professor Marian Zembala tried to get it. I know that he tried and failed to achieve it. For what reasons? I don't know, says Dr. Kaliciński.

Now, heart warmers may also appear in other transplant centers in Poland.

Main photo source: Warsaw Medical University

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