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This is a better way to treat glaucoma. A breakthrough minimally invasive surgery in Warsaw

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By using a microdrill, doctors can reduce the pressure in the eye of glaucoma patients so that the eye heals faster. There is also less chance of complications occurring. It is worth having your eyes checked regularly, because some patients do not even notice that their field of vision has decreased.

The doctor used a special drill to drill a two-millimeter tunnel into the eyeball. – This was the most important moment of the operation – says Professor Jacek Szaflik. – Today we performed a new type of minimally invasive antiglaucoma surgery in Poland for the first time. The so-called microsclerostomy – adds Professor Jacek Szaflik, head of the Department and Clinic of Ophthalmology at the Medical University of Warsaw. This complicated name simply means lowering the pressure in the eye.

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The method is old, but the equipment is new. Until now, doctors did something like this, for example with scalpels, and it took a long time to heal. There is almost no trace of the operation of the microdrill. There is less chance of complications and the eye heals in a shorter time.

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A groundbreaking operation involving Polish and Ukrainian surgeons. “There is a lot of interest in this technique”Marek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

Sometimes the patient does not know that he has glaucoma

The patient – 70-year-old Andrzej Horbatowski from Warsaw – had no idea that he had glaucoma. This was revealed only during an ophthalmological examination. Just in case, just before the procedure, he was given a sticker with the letter L. Why? So that the doctor doesn't make a mistake and do the right eye. But there was no mistake. Everything worked out perfectly and the glaucoma was stopped.

Glaucoma is an eye disease related to too much pressure in the eyeball. It may, for example, narrow the field of vision. Glasses won't help – over time you can see less and less. – Our field of vision is simply narrowing. We only see the center, as if we were looking through binoculars (…) Prevention is very important, i.e., above all, regular ophthalmological check-ups – emphasizes Dr. Ewa Strzemecka, chief physician of the Independent Public Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital in Warsaw. Preferably once a year, even if everything seems to be fine.

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The risk group includes people over 65 years of age, having a family member with glaucoma, suffering from tinnitus, migraines, diabetes, or untreated high blood pressure, as well as myopia. This is an incomplete list. At least 8,000 Poles suffer from such damage to the optic nerve and most do not know about it. We don't have a cure, we don't know the causes. After diagnosing the disease, we can only reduce the pressure in the eyeball – in various ways. People who ignore the symptoms risk losing their eyesight.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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