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This is the warmest first week of June in Greece on record

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A heatwave that the media called “dramatic” hit Greece this week. Also in Cyprus, heat is pouring from the sky. There, thermometers showed over 40 degrees Celsius, and a ban was introduced to perform some work outdoors.

On Wednesday, the temperature in Crete and Rhodes exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. In Gortyna, which is located in the Heraklion regional unit in Crete, thermometers showed 41.5 degrees C. In the afternoon in Athens, thermometers showed 34 degrees C. The authorities appeal to residents and tourists to drink plenty of water and avoid staying outdoors in the hottest time of the day. This is the warmest first week of June in Greece on record. The previous record for this period was set in 2019. The heatwave, which the media described as “dramatic”, began to build on Monday.

On Tuesday, temperatures exceeded 39 degrees Celsius in three Greek locations. In the town of Eleusis in Attica and in Thebes in Thessaly-Central Greece, thermometers showed 39.3 degrees C. In the city of Psachna on the island of Euboea, 39.1 degrees C was recorded.

Hot summer

Meteorologists warn of frequent and severe heatwaves in the coming summer months. They remind us that last winter in Greece was the warmest in recorded history. The services warn that the upcoming summer season will be very difficult in terms of fires. In Cyprus, due to the high temperature, which exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in the central part of the country, a ban was issued to perform certain outdoor work between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Couriers delivering parcels by bicycle and motorcycle should not work, among others. The ban also applies, for example, to construction and renovation work. Due to the heat and dust in the air, the services issued an orange alert. The next two days are expected to be even hotter, after which temperatures will drop slightly.

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