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This is what the world looks like according to PiS. “They lie even when they don’t have to.”

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The alternative world of PiS is guided by its own rules. There, law does not mean justice at all, there are judges in the courts, and there are sacred cows in the party. In the world of PiS, politicians rule in the prosecutor’s office, party interests rule in the public media.

We try to talk to each other – this is how Attorney General Adam Bodnar describes his relationship with the national prosecutor, Dariusz Barski. Dariusz Barski is Zbigniew Ziobro’s friend and during Zbigniew Ziobro’s time he did not criticize his superior’s decisions. Now the National Prosecutor’s Office has issued a statement regarding the dismissal of over a hundred prosecutors from the delegation. According to the press department – the authors are not named – this will result in negative and irreversible legal consequences. The Prosecutor General is sure that dismissing someone from the delegation to the National or Regional Prosecutor’s Office is nothing serious, but only a saving measure. – Prosecutors stay in the system. They are still prosecutors, emphasizes Adam Bodnar.

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Two realities in the prosecutor’s office are nothing compared to the two realities in the Supreme Court in the case of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik. In the context of Kamiński, it is also worth recalling the “Kozakiewicz gesture”, which he showed in the plenary chamber of the Sejm. Everyone could see this situation, but not President Jarosław Kaczyński, who directly talks about “manipulation”.

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– Young children confuse fiction with reality. This is called transitional mythomania. In Law and Justice we are already dealing with political mythomania. They lie even when they don’t have to, commented Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic, an MP from the Left.

After losing power, PiS even named someone it considers to be the president of TVP – a television which, after the changes introduced by Donald Tusk’s camp, Law and Justice also seems – at least in its current form – not to recognize. – It’s like half the Capitol attacking the other Capitol, the other half of the Capitol. This is not some attack from outside. This is an attack dressed in the pseudoforms of formal, normal state authorities. And that is why it is more dangerous – said Professor Andrzej Rychard, a sociologist from the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Comments after the conference of the PiS president. “Friends can call each other at any time of the day or night”Tomasz Pupiec/Fakty po Południu TVN24

Alternative systems

According to PiS, Antoni Macierewicz’s subcommittee still exists in the country and its report is still in force. PiS also conducts its foreign policy. In it, the EU and Germany are not allies, they are enemies.

– They created an alternative judicial system, an alternative system of public media, an alternative system of managing state assets. They created a second Republic of Poland within the framework of the one we have, said Szymon Hołownia, Marshal of the Sejm.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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