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Those in power argue that they have not forgotten about women. Here is a calendar of promises to be fulfilled

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If women could determine the outcome of the elections on October 15 because they fought for their rights, it is quite obvious that 99 days after the formation of the government, they are asking questions about the implementation of election promises. One of them was legal abortion up to the 12th week, which divided the coalition partners. However, those in power assure that they do not forget about women and list the specifics they can count on.

A film about abortion was shown in the Sejm on Wednesday. Marshal Szymon Hołownia came to watch the film. The people who created the film and appeared in it appealed to the Marshal for concessions on the abortion law. – You once cried over the constitution, and I think that in your conscience you could also cry similarly over the fate of Polish women – one of the authors of the film said to the marshal.

Although some MPs from the Third Way are concerned about the fate of women, Szymon Hołownia is unmoved this time. – Of course, I have not changed my opinion – admitted the Speaker of the Sejm after the screening of the film.

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The issue of abortion is still an unfulfilled promise. – After 100 days of rule by the new ruling coalition, absolutely nothing has changed – says Marcelina Zawisza, an MP from the Razem party.

– However, this does not mean that nothing has happened in terms of women's rights during these hundred days – we hear from Aleksandra Gajewska, deputy minister of family, labor and social policy from the Civic Coalition. – There are things that go beyond what was promised in the campaign – notes the deputy minister.

The film “No One Talks About This” can be watched on TVN24 GO

The Parliament is dealing with the provisions on widow's pension, and a specially appointed ministerial team is dealing with the extension of leave for parents of premature babies and children hospitalized after birth. – Week after week: a week of hospitalization, a week of longer leave – explains Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy from the Left.

Hołownia: I myself will vote for all bills on abortion to go to the second readingtvn24

Calendar of specifics for women

Work is also underway to double the benefit from the Alimony Fund, and the “grandmother's” one is nearing completion. – PLN 1,500 to provide care for your child – says Gajewska.

In turn, if our mother's job is in the beauty industry, VAT will soon be lower in this industry. – This will bring such relief and a sense of justice – emphasizes Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

In the middle of the year, the Ministry of Health will offer hospitals better money for epidural anesthesia to make it more available. – It turns out that it can be done – assures Izabela Leszczyna, Minister of Health from the Civic Coalition. The government also found a way to bypass the president's veto on abolishing the prescription for the morning-after pill. Izabela Leszczyna explains that it is a “regulation that uses the competences of a pharmacist.”

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The calendar of specifics for women this year looks like this: on April 1, VAT for the beauty industry will be reduced, and from May 1, the morning-after pill will be available without a prescription. On June 1, in vitro reimbursement and a change in the financing of childbirth anesthesia will come into force. In turn, in the fourth quarter, mothers returning to work will receive “grandma's” benefits.

What's in store for women this year?Fakty TVN

– We say clearly: we are on the side of women in the Polish government – assures Deputy Minister Gajewska.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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