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Those vaccinated with Sputnik V may not enter the US. Findings of the Washington Post, there is a statement from Russia

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The new entry rules to the US, which are to apply from November, may exclude travelers vaccinated with the Russian preparation Sputnik V, the Washington Post wrote on Tuesday. The reserve against the vaccine from Russia is a result of the lack of its authorization by the World Health Organization.

Although the final rules and protocol to apply from November on the US borders are not yet established, representatives of the administration of President Joe Biden announced that people fully vaccinated with preparations approved by the US FDA or the World Health Organization (WHO) would be allowed to enter the US territory. ).

Changes to the rules for entering the USA. Only for fully vaccinated

This is potentially bad news for those vaccinated with other preparations, including the Russian Sputnik V and the Indian Covaxin vaccine, which – unlike the Chinese Sinopharm and Sinovac preparations, for example – are not yet on the WHO list. Moreover, last week WHO suspended the approval process of Sputnik V.when an inspection in one of the factories revealed that the production process did not meet the required standards.

Sputnik V vaccineYURI KOCHETKOV / EPA / PAP

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“We are opposed to attempts to politicize the fight against COVID-19”

If nothing changes, it may mean that when the borders open to most travelers in November, they will close to Russians who have been able to travel freely to the US so far, provided they had a visa and tested negative for COVID-19. The problem is wider, because Sputnik V has been approved in 70 countries and is also used in Hungary, among others.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which promotes the Sputnik V vaccine, issued a statement. “We oppose attempts to politicize the fight against COVID-19 and discriminate against effective vaccines in favor of short-term political or economic benefits,” we read.

The fund said in a statement that despite the suspension of the authorization process by WHO, the organization’s early approval is almost certain due to the “outstanding results so far” of the preparation.

All vaccines administered in Poland are approved by WHO.

Main photo source: YURI KOCHETKOV / EPA / PAP

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