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Thousands of merchants and their families lost their source of income. A company that had been built for 20 years went up in smoke. Fire in the Marywilska 44 hall

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Merchants assess losses after a fire in the shopping complex at Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. They are desperate because there is nothing left of their life's achievements. The company that owns the hall intends to rebuild it.

Firefighters are still working at the scene of the fire in the shopping complex at Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. – Our operations are still ongoing and it is still dangerous because there is smoke and temperature inside – said Junior Brig. MSc. Artur Laudy from the Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Warsaw.

Entrepreneurs also appeared on site to check what was left of the large hall. – Part of my heart remained in those stalls – said Mr. Krzysztof, who had a shoe stand in the hall at Marywilska Street for 15 years. – There was a family here, people are close-knit here. Here everyone had their own clients and stories, the man added.

The shopping complex included a total of over 1,400 shops and service points. Most are small, family businesses. – I had five stores and I lost everything – admitted Mrs. Alina, an entrepreneur.

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All the boxes and stands burned down completely. The goods were also completely destroyed. – My losses amount to at least PLN 400,000 to PLN 500,000, says one of the entrepreneurs. – A company that had been built for 20 years went up in smoke – says Mr. Paweł, an entrepreneur.

Only the booth near the hall survived. – My booth was not damaged. I am the only child among this whole crowd of people who have lost everything – said Mrs. Dorota, an entrepreneur.

The owner of the facility assured that the hall will be rebuilt.”This is an unimaginable tragedy that affected not only us, but above all thousands of people who lost their jobs, the only source of income for their families, and often their entire life's work. We assure you that we will take all possible actions to restore the facility's functioning as usual. as soon as possible,” we read.

Fire in a shopping center in Warsaw. Report by a TVN24 reporterTVN24

The police are investigating the fire

The police appeal to all those who lost their property in the fire to report to police stations and ask anyone who may know something about the fire to contact them.

– We questioned some of the security staff, we questioned some of the firefighters and we questioned some of the merchants. All these activities will be continued. We will successively interrogate these people to find out what happened there. We have also secured monitoring around the area – informs the deputy inspector. Robert Szumiata from the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

– There is no time for speculation here. This is the time to calmly explain these matters so that we know exactly what happened – emphasizes Marcin Kierwiński, former Minister of Interior and Administration.

Police officers and experts will be able to enter the area of ​​the fire only when the firefighters have completely finished their work and it is safe to do so.

– We have to wait for the opinions of experts who will prepare the documentation. It is very possible that they will have access to the records in the memory of the fire system control panel and will see whether the controls were appropriate, in accordance with the fire scenario, and whether the facility, or rather its fire protection devices, operated in accordance with how they were designed and constructed – indicates junior brig. MSc. Arthur Laudy.

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The fire in the market hall broke out on Sunday around four in the morning. The first firefighters arrived at the scene 11 minutes after the report, and by then a significant part of the shopping center was engulfed in flames. – I was here at 6 a.m. because I got a call that everything was on fire. When I drove up, everything around me was on fire, but the center wasn't on fire yet, says Mr. Wacław.

More than 240 firefighters and the Chemical and Ecological Rescue Group participated in the fire extinguishing operation. At its peak, almost 100 fire trucks were used.

Author:Michalina Czepita

Main photo source: TVN24

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