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Threads. Meta’s response to Twitter is expected to launch in days

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The first information that Meta, the owner of Facebook, is working on its own version of the platform based on text communication, i.e. de facto competition for Twitter, appeared at the beginning of June. Since then, the mysterious “Project 92” has received its official name, and the media say that it is to appear on Thursday, July 6. This is all in the face of serious Twitter problems and further restrictions introduced for users.

Threads, because this is the official name of the application until recently called “Project 92”, is to be released on Thursday. The text conversation app is supposed to allow users to follow and interact with already existing Instagram accounts, photo sharing platforms.

Given that Instagram has over two billion users, and Twitter had around 300 million until recently, Threads could become a serious threat to the platform currently run by Elon Musk.

Twitter problems and limitations

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In recent days, severe restrictions for users have appeared on Twitter. On Friday, the ability to browse Twitter anonymously without logging into the platform was disabled. Initially, it was not known whether this was an intentional action on the part of the application or a technical error. After a few hours Elon Musk wrote about the introduction of a “temporary emergency measure”. The owner of Twitter later said that this was in response to the “extremely aggressive” actions of hundreds of organizations that are supposed to collect data from Twitter.

In the following hours and days, information appeared about the introduction of limits on the number of available content.

Initially, a limit of 6,000 was introduced. posts per day for verified users, owners of unverified accounts were to be able to read 600 posts, and new accounts – 300 posts. These limits then changed twice more and finally stood at the level of 10,000, 1,000 and 1,000, respectively. and 500 entries.

Although the reason for introducing litmium may be different. As TheWire notes, this decision coincided with the end of the contract with Google Clouds and the refusal to pay bills for data storage services. While Twitter hosts some services on its own servers, the company has long partnered with Google and Amazon to complement its infrastructure.

Prior to Musk’s acquisition in 2022, Twitter signed a multi-year agreement with Google to host services related to anti-spam, removal of child sexual abuse material, and account protection, among other things. The renewal date for this contract was June 30.

As if that wasn’t enough, Twitter introduced another restriction on users on Monday. From August 1, users of the social networking site must be verified by August 1 to be able to use TweetDeck. It’s an app that allows users to organize their followed accounts into different columns for easy content monitoring. So far it has been free.

With this decision, Elon Musk hopes to maintain Twitter’s revenue, comments Reuters.

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